The DeLorean DMC-12 and Bricklin SV1 have more in common than gullwing doors


It is frequently said that birds of a feather flock together, and that certainly seems to be true with the gullwing Bricklin SV-1 and DeLorean DMC-12. Not only do the cars looks comfortable roosting side-by-side, but their owners also have similar attitudes. In fact, when I began looking for Bricklin owners in the Vancouver, BC area, the first pair found turned out to also be members of the local DeLorean club.

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AJ Foyt had a Ford dealership in south Houston that sold Bricklins. AJ had a Bricklin there with an AMC 401 replacing the stock AMC 360. A salesman friend of mine let me drive it. 401, four speed, monster torque as it was from an AMX. Wonder where that car is today.


The case against DeLorean was not dismissed because of entrapment. After a 22 week trial, John Z. DeLorean was found not guilty by a Federal jury of all eight counts of an indictment charging him with trafficking in 24 million of dollars worth of cocaine.


I was introduced to the SV1 about 8 years ago by a salesman that worked with me. He had a white AMC 360 model. I was given the chance to drive it on sales calls one day. It drove well but felt a bit heavy. Regardless he also had a DeLorean tucked away (never did get to make calls in that one.) There were a couple Pantara’s and a few micro cars in his collection too. I digress.

Guess my point was I’m not surprised these cars touch wings with many collectors.


Fairly well written article. A couple of points of clarity; The official name of the DeLorean goes like this; make: DMC, model: DeLorean, internal project code: DMC-12. Whenever Hagerty or anyone else calls it a DMC-12 they probably don’t realize they are using the project code and not the model name. Almost everyone does it. I have found only two publications that not only use it correctly, but have also taken the time to explain why it’s correct and “DMC-12” isn’t; Hemmings Motor News and Car and Driver. Everyone else seems to get it wrong, including almost every owner.
Another interesting fact about the financial struggles of the DeLorean Motor Company is that JZD and his executive team had been working on several sources of new cash near the end. They were able to reach a verbal agreement with one of the banks they were working with and had papers ready to sign. In the days before cell phones were common, they were having trouble reaching Mr. DeLorean at his New York office in order to get his signatures and finalize the new loan. This happened to be the same day of his arrest. Had he not gone to that hotel that day, he may have actually been able to sign a deal to help the company continue for another 18 months, and maybe indefinitely. Oh well.