The Dodge Charger Hellcat Octane Edition is the Sith Lord of muscle cars

The Dodge Charger Hellcat is no slouch. Packing 707 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque, it would be a compliment to call the four-door a street brawler. Dodge has upped the dark character of this car to the level of Sith Lord in its latest special, the Octane Edition.

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Until they make the charger a coup I can’t get excited about it. :man_shrugging:t2:

@fkeemil9 - I have to admit, you have a point.

@fkeemil9 they already do…it’s called the Challenger.


They do its a Challenger… The Charger is also a Coup style car

I really like these cars, I’d hope they’d update it and run the line forever, but it doesn’t appear the Charger as we know it has a long future left, looks like the end of the run is coming. Some say the next Charger will be Alfa based, we’ll see…that could be a good thing…if they do it right.

As long as Dodge is making big $$ on these Chargers and Challengers expect them to stay around. The tooling and design expenses have long been paid for, so they are a profit center for FCA. The upcoming Alfa-based car will be something entirely different with a new name as well, and not directly competing with these existing models.

I agree nothing replaces those cars blast from the past I hade one

One name I have heard rumored for the new Alfa-based model is another famous one from the past…Barracuda.

Speaking about Retro car names mike the Charger and the Challenger, does anybody know if Chevy plans on bringing back the Chevelle name for a retro style car like they did the Camaro? I heard rumors, but feel they should have done it back in 2018, 50th anniversary of the 1968 2nd generation Chevelle. Thanks.

@Ritadv000 - Personally, I am skeptical that Chevy would revive the Chevelle nameplate. In today’s market, it would likely get put on a crossover or SUV. I would rather see it un-revived than have it watered down in that way.

I cant help but wonder when the epiphany will occur and the would will be offered a Hellcat Chrysler 300…

Chrysler made a 300 SRT model with the larger Hemi for a number of years, but the Charger outsold it. Anything is possible though. Who would have expected a hellcat Jeep?

Correct…they are both selling well new as well as used. My dad is a used car dealer and keeps me up to date on prices at auction and used prices are thru the roof even on the most beat up or high mile models…2 Challengers went thru the last sale he went to - both hemi’s - a 2012 with 60,000 miles and body damage and previous poor paint work went for $13,000 and a 2014 that someone rattle canned flat black and drilled holes in the fenders for flares brought $16,000+…which is the reason I don’t have one yet…

How much? I expect I’ll have to mortgage the house to get it.

@chmg580 - The total would be $70,235, as a base 2019 Charger Hellcat is $68,740 and the Octane Package adds $1,495 to that.