The E39 M5 was peak BMW. Grab it while you can.


When people talk about the golden age of BMW in the late 1990s and early 2000s, there are a few cars that come to mind. The funky, clown-shoe-looking M Coupe was lively, ferocious, and just the right amount of weird. The E46-generation M3 was fast, stylish, and perfectly balanced. But, as Christoph Waltz says in Inglorious Basterds, “Don’t forget the cream.” And in this case, the crème de la crème of early 2000s BMW offerings is the E39-generation M5.

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I have an E39, 2002 in Carbon Blue Metallic - best car I’ve ever had, still like new with only minor problems over the years … love it for short and long trips and the odd track day. I’m hoping to see these showing up on Hagerty’s valuation charts soon. LRW


Ask and you shall receive: https://www.hagerty.com/apps/valuationtools/2002-bmw-m5


Thanks! Own a Lemans 02, so fun article to read. There’s a lively community on BaT that comment on many of the E39 auctions, esp. M5. Interesting your article talks about timing chain, since that is a much more prevalent issue on the E39 540i. Single vs. double guides I think. Shares other quirks and issues with the E39 family though. I also suggest getting jack and donut spare, “mobility kit” can’t be relied on. Not a bad car to DIY on, save a lot on ownership cost. I highly recommend!


Thanks Hagerty you put the E39 on a set of charts!