The “Fast and Furious” Paul Walker Collection features five BMW M3 Lightweights for sale

Worthy of their car-loving owner and his fast-driving legacy, 21 hot vehicles from the collection of the late Paul Walker will be offered at Barrett-Jackson’s 2020 Scottsdale Auction.

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Due to budgetary constraints and my wife, there is no epic car collection in my forseeable future.

That’s one of the reasons that I’m not married anymore.!! lol…I got close to Paul’s stuff. I have an 04 Road King…and a 1990 Nissan300 ZX 5 speed. ( wish it was twin turbo ) Whoever DOESN"T DIE with the most toys wins…( No disrespect intended to Paul. ) Paul Walker was a good guy with good taste in cars…May he rest in peace at that car heaven in the sky…

Hagerty must have forgotten the e36 M3 Lightweight that sold on BaT for $154k in 2017

Yawn, wake me when it is over

Great photos, especially the one of that rarely seen 1963 Chevy II Nova wagon that was only made that one year and few people have ever seen a photo of let alone an actual example. What are you people taking lessons from Yahoo news?

Uhh…the 370z came from Nissan with a 6 speed manual, not a 5 speed.

b.wohlfarth - lmfao.

@sorna22291 - Bid to, but did not sell. Would have been a record price, and in my opinion should have been. I was very surprised when that auction closed a no-sale.

Photos of the actual cars accompanying the article would have been nice.

I give zero cares about his cars. Yet another Hollyweirdo who was given a pass for being a child molester.

I’ve got to say, I was expecting more. A few cool cars in the mix but IMHO a snoozer of a collection.