The Ferrari, the Cobra, and the crickets in the garage


Amazing find. As a Bimmer guy, I’m dying to know more about the 325IX. Will it be for sale also?


@sklehr - Thank you for watching Barn Find Hunter!

You are correct, Tom did a tour along the Lincoln Highway in a Model T, we highlighted the trip early last year and he has since completed the journey. According to the Facebook Page that was created for the journey the book documenting the trip is in progress!


My theory is that the owner of these fine cars… is, by now, deceased… or, in a dreadful state of being. For those cars to be simply “left”… for who knows how long… there is obviously a reason. Maybe that will be discovered.


Where do I find the video?


Click the big ol’ play button at the top of the article. Or go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlRKSmHgzdE


Are you sure it is a 66 and not a 65? why no one tells the Chassis Number? :frowning:


I recently acquired a 1997 Lincoln Town Car, Cartier Ltd. Edition. It came with ‘original paperwork’, including the window-sticker; $ 48,940.00 in 1997. The car was purchased for a Vice-President, of a Klamath Falls, Oregon corporation. When he retired he purchased the car from the company, drove it until he died leaving it to his son who was underwhelmed and sold it to a friend of his, whom I purchased it from for just under $5,000. Well bought. I was delighted to see it in “Third Place”, amongst some very fine iron!


What an amazing find!!! If anyone wants more information, this was in Charlotte NC 28207, Queens Road East (aka Myers Park Area). Even though the house is said to be “condemned” it sold for $800,000 on Oct 3, 2017. House was built in 1942, garage was built in 1985, owner purchased it Aug 12, 1982 for $154,000.
Cars had been sitting since 1991
NC State Inspection sticker on Ferrari - May 1991
NC State Inspection sticker on Shelby - April 1991

Cars sold @ Gooding & Company, Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort, FL, Friday March 9, 2018
1967 Shelby 427 Cobra, sold $1,045,000 - Lot 016 VIN 67CSX3278 (19k miles)
1966 Ferrari 275 GTB, sold $2,530,000 - Lot 015 Chassis / Engine 08125 (13k miles) 2nd owner car


How do I find out if the Triumph TR6 is available for purchase