The Ford SVT Lightning that never was


We miss the SVT Lightning, the most entertaining pickup ever to bolt off an assembly line. Ford offered the hot truck in two generations: Model years 1993 through ’95, and ’99 through 2004. A cool concept for a third-generation edition was presented at the 2003 North American International (Detroit) Auto Show, but for a variety of reasons Ford never followed through with production.

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I own an all black 2001 Ford F150 Lightning pulling about 450 hp that I love to drive and would not trade or sell it, ever. When I drive it I feel like I don’t need a hot rod ( car ), as I can carry all kinds of stuff in the back. Can’t do that with a hot rod and I have owned many in the past. This is my last one, I’m 73 now and can’t work on them like I did when I was not so old. This Lightning is everything to me and when I can’t drive it anymore, my daughter wants it. I recently was at a gas station when a guy came running over to take some photos of my truck and he yelled out that this was the first Lightning he had ever seen up close. That was cool.


I’m about to buy a 450 hp 2000 svt F150 Lightning. So exciting. Red with $100k km and $15000. Apparently it has a 2004 drivetrain and $10,000 worth of engine extras. Driven softly and I trust is in the best of condition (a Relative selling it to me). Is this a reasonable deal?


That’s a great price for all the engine and updated drive train. I wouldn’t worry about the 100,000 miles with all it’s got in it you will smile every time you start it up. And you will probably keep that smile for a long, long time. Just be careful where you park it.