The four-wheeled first love I couldn’t forget

I was 11 when I fell in love for the first time. The object of my affection was, of course, automotive—I was only just beginning to find girls interesting, and my distaff classmates couldn’t really compete with the lure of a properly executed sporting car. Not just any car, mind you, but a Porsche 911 SC. Guards red, with those iconic black ATS wheels.

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Hey loved the article, it pretty that you choose the pics of the 911SC i shot for the the sotheby auction, that car was beautiful, and drove incredibly, i mean truly did.

My first love was also a Guard’s Red 911 SC that I drove for 10 years. I loved this car, it was my daily driver until I couldn’t fit all the little girls of the soccer team in the back. But never did it occur to me to replace it with a bigger car, no just needed another, bigger car for the girls and that turned out to be a Jeep Cherokee. From that 911SC I have gone on to be the owner of nine other 911 models but the SC still holds a big place in my heart. Currently I dive and autocross a red C4S Cabriolet. Photo on my birthday in 2016!


The 993 Porsche is a thrill to drive. They are beautiful cars, as well. I have owned two air cooled 911s, including a Polar Silver '96. My 993 had the 6 speed, and I could get up to 60 mph in first gear, with 5 more gears to go. And the howl of that 3.6 was a joy to hear.

But I also had some complaints about the car. The Porsche security system was a tyrant that couldn’t be ignored. You had to obey the security system or suffer the consequences. That means you had to lock the car every time you removed the key…even in the garage. I don’t believe there is a way to disable the factory system. If you violated its protocols, it would make you suffer with honking horns, blinking lights.

The car was also very unfriendly to the home mechanic. I performed most of the service and repair on my '87 G50 car, but the 993 is a different story. So, get ready to pay a lot of money for service on these cars. Even small things like changing the oil and spark plugs seem unnecessarily complicated.

The 993 is an interesting combination of crude and complex technologies. The car has two distributors that are kept in sync with a small rubber timing belt. They are a thrill to drive, beautiful to gaze upon and sometimes difficult to own.