The fourth-gen Pontiac Firebird pins the Badass Meter

Yes, but he was pointing out that there were no 35th Anniversary T/As, as they didn’t build T/As till 69. It would have been like calling a 1970 GTO a 10th Anniversary, because the Tempest came out in 1960.

I never said Anything about a 35th anniversary T.A , I pointed out that there is at 35th anniversary Firebird if you read my post first Firebird came out in 67’ and 2002 would make it 35 years old

Ok. The original article written by Hagerty’s author, incorrectly referred to the 30th Anniversary T/A as a 35th. After another commenter pointed out that error, they corrected the text. Yes 2002 was the 35th Anniversary of the Firebird, but Pontiac (GM) never officially built any 35th Anniversary badged Firebirds. While the T/A debuted 2 years later as an option on the Firebird, by 2002 most referred to a Firebird (V6 model), Formula (V8), or T/A (no longer as a Firebird Trans Am). So while those very limited GMMG models may have been referred to as celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the Firebird…no such car was officially produced by GM, and it should have been a Bird, and not a T/A, as it was only the 33rd Anniversary for the T/A (if we really want to get technical).

If you decide to take a chance, I have your car. I’m the 3rd owner. 110,000 miles
6 spd, LS1 convertible WS6. Triple black
New top and clutch


If anyone is looking for a nice 63k mile red WS6 convertible with black top and charcoal interior, I have a friend who is looking to sell. Contact me with a private message. I am a Hagerty customer.

Beautiful wheels!! I’ve been searching for similar but can’t find anything current.

I have a 1995 SLP Firehawk which is #116 of 569 built. Its an automatic which makes it one of 172. It has the performance exhaust option and has only 8000 original miles.


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