The Ghosn era is over at Renault-Nissan. What important cars does he leave behind?


Carlos Ghosn, chairman of Nissan, was arrested Monday in Tokyo for financial misconduct. Accused of underreporting his income for multiple years in addition to using company funds for personal expenses, Ghosn could be fired from Nissan as early as the company’s Thursday board meeting, according to Reuters.

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Wrong, Ghosn has nothing to do with Avantime and Vel Satis, these are Louis Schweitzer’s cars. In those times, Ghosn was mostly at Nissan, he only beacame Renault CEO in 2005. His era at Renault only starts there (with cars like the Laguna 3 or the Megane 3).


I won’t argue that Ghosn may not have had a direct hand in any of the vehicles on this list, but he was certainly a big part of each company when these cars debuted. His tenure at Renault actually began in 1996, where he had his hands in a number of different departments and operations as the company’s Executive VP. This was a full five years prior to being named Nissan CEO in 2001.