The Glory Days of EbayMotors


In the early 2000’s Ebay served as the gateway to classic car ownership for many. Now not so much!
Craigslist, Bring A Trailer Auctions, and Facebook Market place have take the reins.
In 2006 I sold a 1965 Corvair Monza Project car, this car would run if gas was hand feed to one of the two rochester carbs and sported a 2 speed power glide trans. Also included in sale was a spare engine.
In the listing I included many pictures and stated that the car did not run and would require a trailer.

A few days later a gentlemen showed up to pick up the car and was surprised to find a car in non running condition! we had to air up the tires to push the car on to the trailer and we where well on our way.

Later that night I received the dreaded neutral feed back, stating that I could have prepared the car better for delivery.
What are your experiences with buying classic cars online?


I also found one of my cars on Ebay early in the millennium. Living in fly-over country there wasn’t much chance of finding ANY example locally, let alone a good one. It was listed by a dealer on consignment about 700 miles away. I found someone local to the car to inspect it against the ad and the dealer agreed to hold it for 5 days for a $200 deposit but I refused to close the deal thru Ebay until I could see and drive the car myself. Still, with the inspection, deposit, airfare and incidentals on an even more modest budget than today…I was pretty damn nervous. Fortunately it was “the” car and I still have it all these years later, though I probably wouldn’t do it again.


Great Story Jim, tell us about your car!


Not sure how interesting it’ll be but to explain, I’d had a 81 1st Gen (FB) RX-7 that I’d bought new when my future wife and I were dating. I absolutely loved that car, but when things got serious I sold it to buy my first house. We got married and kids and the other things that come on life’s plate soon followed. I was also a smoker thru these years with an uncommon career that came with very little sleep… sometimes for days. My wife saw the train-wreck and knew I’d dreamed of getting another RX7. One December day in 2002 she green-lighted one IF I gave up cigarettes. I smoked my last cigarette that day. After a few weeks of searching I found my twin-turbo 3rd Gen. RX-7 R1 in Dallas. Flew down and drove it home. Couldn’t wipe the grin off my face for 700 miles.
The early years…still stock power, ~255 crank hp

Today…massaged just a little, ~ 350 crank hp