The hottest 25 collector cars this summer


The red-hot popularity of trucks and SUVs has been going on for so long that Hagerty Auction Editor Andrew Newton has resorted to using a nautical analogy to explain it: “High tide raises all boats.”

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Re: latest hot 25 - “high tide rises all boats”. Does anyone have any strong opinions about the future value of the IH Scout II’s from 1971-1980? Will they continue to rise with the other SUV’s?


No fords, I have an F2 1951


I’d love to see where my Nissan Figaro would fit in here if it was tracked.


What about the s2000? One of the hottest little 2 seater built.


Nine out of the top 11 vehicles are pedestrian, everyday pick-ups or SUVs with nothing special about them. This isn’t a list of collectibles, it’s just a list of used cars.


The article says the top American car is the 2004-06 Pontiac GTO. This is an Australian car, developed and built by Holden.


“The rating is data driven and takes into account the number of vehicles insured and quoted through Hagerty, along with auction activity and private sales results.”

Data doesn’t lie…


It may appear that the list is “just used cars,” but this is derived from what cars we are seeing purchased and quoted with Hagerty. The market is telling us people are beginning to consider these pedestrian car to be collectors in their own right. Remember, a '55 Chevy was once just a used car that was handed down through the family.


While Souts have been lagging behind the more main stream trucks in attention and value, I think it is safe to assume that as long as trucks are hot, the Scout will likely follow suit.


The NSX did not make the list??


Still many are just cars if we are talking the models after 1980. Don’t forget that a large majority of Millennials don’t have high paying jobs in Silicon Valley or with tech firms elsewhere. My 33 year old nephew has a good job in the Central Valley but he 1) doesn’t have extra money for a car in this group and 2) doesn’t have a place where it could be stored. That is true for a lot around his age.

A quibble. The list mentions 1977-82 Celicas yet when you click on it you are taken to values concerning a 6 cyl. Supra and not Celicas. What is that? Why not just say Supra and be accurate? Just curious since I lost a 1978 Celica GT Liftback 5spd and 134,000 miles in the Tubbs Fire. Fortunately not yet delivered by my friend and so I was out no money.


I think really it’s more of a list of affordable cars that people can find, buy, and work on.


How about the late 1960’s through 1972 Honda N360, N600 and Z600’s ??? Precursor to the Honda CVCC (Civic).


The 1990-1997 LIncoln Town Car is shown on the Hagerty Value Guide with a representative average price for a 1991 as $1,900, which is probably right for what is probably a tarted-up Ford LTD. On this list it is ranked above the 1963 Buick Riviera, one of GM’s greatest styling successes. When renting a car at Budget in 2002 I was given a Town Car (instead of the Focus I had booked!) and it was one of the worst cars I have driven, albeit pretty quiet.


And the collectibles you refer to are not just used cars?


Wow! Some pretty ugly (and petty) back and forth here. First of all, no one is ‘excluding ‘ particular vehicles. This article clearly stated it was based on sales and insurance policy info. We don’t need to throw ‘stones’ at each other’s cars! We are ALL car guys and we need to respond to each other as car guys. Keep them alive and running. That’s just my two cents.


It seems as time evolves hot cars/trucks change with generations. I’m 47 and I have had everything from 50’s, 70’s & 80’s. Just when I think I’m in I’m out! Lol. None the less valuable to me.

Below is my all original 1957 Power wagon with 6647 documented miles. Never been operated on public roads or in salt. No rust dents or dings inside box or out. A true survivor, do I restore or leave original? Was used at local large corporate company hangar since new. (Rymes with Cow) lol


@house6860 - Curious as to why you restore such a truck? If it is as good as you say it is, it’s a time capsule that would gain absolutely nothing from a restoration.


Don’t forget about the 70’s and 80’s Toyota FJ40’s, I think they are as hot as anything…