The hottest 25 collector vehicles heading into winter


Definitely belongs on the list. Very cool (or is it hot?)!


I think we’ve forgotten a term that’s used to describe our old cars. When I describe our ‘48 Plymouth I use the term ‘stock’ as in it’s 75% original and 95% stock. Sure, a restored or even repaired vehicle can’t really be ‘original’ but as long as it’s done ‘as original stock’ who of us in the hobby, for the most part, cares if it had to be painted or needed a ring job. Everyone needs to lighten up and enjoy your ‘pride and joy’ the way you like it and respect the other guys choices in how he likes his. It’s a hobby for most of us, not a concours judging event. Love the Bronco by the way!


I’m diggin my 97 e36 m3 coupe I Got a month ago. 240hp and a 5speed. It’s like a little rocket ship. Sold my 80 280zx to get it, not sorry. I’m 67 and it was on my bucket list. Previous owner insured it with Hagerty. I put it on my policy with my two other e36s. These m3 prices are on the rise also.


Well i don’t feel to bad …79 and a 34


I have owned my 1973 Bronco Sport for almost 30 years.


@rlinman55 - Those wheels fit early Broncos so well. Nice ride!


Thanks. Those wheels came off an older (mid 90’s) jeep.


I see the Typhoon made the list but not the 91 Syclone?? Come on now, more rare and definitely quicker than anything on this list! Especially those Lightning’s!


Haha! I was out of town for a bit and just saw your comment! Thanks for joining the conversation. Gotta blame that one on the editor! My original sentences was: Plus, values are RISING faster than an old man’s beltline (because I was thinking about how my slim-Jim father’s waistline keeps rising as he gets older).


We’re changing it back to what I originally wrote, by the way. Thank you!


So aside from the stale Ford/Chevy opinions, why do Chevy trucks continue to be in the top 25, but not Ford trucks? Aesthetics aren’t all that different (I have a 1973), and I would assume production numbers are relatively similar?


Reminds of the story about my great-grandfather’s axe… Goes something like this…
My Dad gave me his grandfather’s axe, told me how special it was, to take good care of it - it’s chopped hundreds of cords to keep the family warm and safe for generations… it’s only had 5 new handles and 2 new heads in all these years.


Why is it that the Mazda RX7 and the Supra are always listed but the Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 is never on the list. It was way ahead of it’s time and had features that are just now being utilized like active 4 wheel steering, Active Aero, Twin Turbos, active exhaust, electronic suspeni\sion and all wheel drive?


@skipelander - This list was compiled using data from insurance and market activity. The 3000GT hasen’t seen the activity of the cars your mention. We aren’t ignoring it though, as it did make our turbo cars on a budget list not long ago.


The link to the #2 vehicle is broken – as it is in every other article linking to it. I have both a 1975 GMC 1500 and a 1987 Chevy K10, so getting access to that page is the whole reason I subscribed. Please fix it.


@johnbenjaminmoore - That’s not supposed to happen! We have got a fix in the works right now. Will be back up shortly.


It’s been over 12 weeks and the link is still broken. When will the page be up?


@johnbenjaminmoore - Interesting, it is not appearing broken on our side. Does this link work to take your directly to the 1985 C20 valuation?- https://www.hagerty.com/apps/valuationtools/1985-Chevrolet-C20_(Truck)-3!4_Ton


That link, to the C20 3/4 ton works, yes.