The hottest 25 collector vehicles this fall


I love these comments! I have owned five Fiat 850 Spiders and loved it. I now own a Nissan Figaro! The Figaro is going to skyrocket in value once people find out that they exist! It gets more attention than anything that I have ever owned.


bac522, you’re right, shops aren’t nearly as common and most of us assume responsibility ourselves. Fortunately they’re a MUCH simpler engine and easier IMO to work on than even the average piston engine. I think they require way fewer “specialty tools” and equipment too.
About 16 years and 80k miles and never left me on the side of the road.


Had a 1970 Fiat 850 Spyder that I bought brand-new. It had to have a tune up once a month or the car wouldn’t start. In the first year the starter motor, carb and distributor cap were all replaced under warranty. Every few months the fuel pump would vibrate apart and start leaking. The clutch and convertible top both failed at about 22,000 miles, as did the windows and the electrical system.


Been saying this very same thing for years. I have two pet peeves in this hobby. Those consumed with how much their car is worth and those that buy a collector car and won’t enjoy it. By enjoy it I mean drive it. If you won’t drive it because it may get scratched and ruin its resale value then you fall in to pet peeve category number one. In 30 plus years of restoring and owning collector cars I can honestly say every car I’ve ever owned was used to go to the store on many occasions and every collector car I owned has hauled at least one 50 pound bag of dog food home from the store. If the sun is shining why not? And every collector car I ever owned that saw driver duty still cleaned up nice enough to win a trophy now and then.


The Haggerty boys have obviously been sniffing their dirty sock hampers again!!!


I like my car. I know it will never end up on a most desirable, but it makes me smile.

Thanks for looking !!!


What is your take on the 65 and 66 ford f100’ specifically with the stock 352FE big block 2wd? And the difference from a stock suspension verse a professionally lowered one. Values? & desirability?
I only hear about Chevys & GMC!

Thanks, Troy


If all that is being done is a tasteful professional lowering (not slamming it) I think there would be little to no difference from what is recommended on the Hagerty Valuation tool. I think desirability is all going to be in the eye of the beholder although tasteful mods tend to appeal to a lot more people than highly upgraded stuff.


If just using data is the prerogative for making a list such as this then I feel Hagerty is doing a disservice to anyone with an interest in buying a collector car. Some new enthusiast goes out and spends money on almost any car in this list and takes it to an event expecting that people will ooooh and ahhhh over his new found ride may find themselves sadly disappointed because “Hagerty used data” as a basis for this list.


@tommy44432 That argument literally makes no sense. Can you explain where this logic is coming from and how being better educated on the CURRENT market is a bad thing? Or is transparency hurting the market? Not everyone reading the list is speculating.


You quite clearly haven’t driven an NSX. The quality difference between the two is night and day. I have both the NSX and an RX7 (Plus a Supra NA-T and Datsun 280z to complete my JDM stable) The NSX wins in every department. Don’t get me wrong, the RX7 is awesome and so much fun to drive, like a pocket rocket. It is one of the better looking Japanese cars of that era but out of all my cars the NSX is by far the best car. It does everything so well. It might not be the fastest of all my cars but presence, the drive, the whole package is just better. Pic below is of my current stable!


I can’t ague that…my neighbor has 2 NSX’s, so I know and like the car. I own a 2007 Honda S2000 as well as the '93 RX7 R1, I was referring to the brakes and suspension components on the RX7. The S2000 was designed by the same engineer as the NSX…overall those two cars in many ways are better daily drivers than the RX7…I just like the body style of the RX7. I drove the S2000 912 miles non stop for 18 hours…I couldn’t do that in the RX7… my back would ache and .my legs and butt would go numb!! We all have different tastes and likes…that’s what makes life interesting…nice choice on your JDM collection…it just needs an S2000!


Haha thanks for that. I do think the RX7 is underrated compared to the other Halo JDM Cars. I intend to take the RX7 on a long Euro Trip… will have to make multiple stops if you say it gets uncomfortable haha.

Love the S2000, it really is a car that has a lot of smile factor especially when you take it all the way to redline! Would love top have one but feel i am at my limit but you never know. You are right though in that we all have different tastes. I am getting rid of the wing on the RX7, adding the Mazdaspeed one, Concave style wheels, Re-amemya skirts and a lip spoiler and painted red. The car will look epic!


Where the FD falls way short of the NSX is with the interior trim, especially the '93’s. The coating on the plastic dash, console and door trim goes soft and starts to wear off…and the mounting tabs start to break. I had to pull all my trim and dash and scrape the coating off, re-enforce all the mounting tabs, then cover the trim with 3M carbon fiber wrap…took many hours of tedious work. Then I replaced the shift boot, hand brake boot and center console with quality red stitched leather, pulled the seat covers off and had them red stitched too. It makes a big difference in the quality feel of the interior…which the NSX and the S2000 already have.


After seeing these lists on and on…Why never a 1966 Charger??


Where the hell are the Firebirds?


Where are the Jeep CJ-7? I still own a low milage 1978 CJ-7 Renegade with Levis seats that was stored for about 30 years in a garage.


Where ae the GTOs? They were Smokin`! Around the spring of 1967 I bought a 65 GTO. It was gunmetal blue with a black vinyl top, black interior and 4 on the floor. The thing to do around my area was to cruise thru Steak 'n Shake, until you got a “prime” parking spot where you could be seen! That GTO was a real head turner! Not to mention that it wasn’t very common to see a blonde, 5’4" female driving a 4speed! And, I learned to speed shift, pop the clutch, etc.! Back then, I was foolish enough to take on the guys drag racing on the straight strip of road that ran right in front of Steak 'n Shake! We always won! Those were “Happy Days!” Also loved that show!