The hottest 25 collector vehicles this fall


That’s a common response, I agree with you and others, however most of these values are misleading. As far as the ratings, they are using auction values of sold vehicles. It does not include private sales. It also does not include those auction vehicles that came close to reserve, and later sold out of the auction. How many times have you watched one of the top two auctions on TV, when a vehicle came along, sometimes at no reserve and sold at a price you would have paid more to own. Found myself in that situation many times when I was not really looking to buy, but a bargain came along that you missed out on.
There are vehicles that have great values, for a large market, that are best served from a large exposure fueled by competitive bidding. The majority of what I see could be sold using the power of the net. There is a car club for everything on wheels. I’ve sold every collector car online,and got my price.
When they are offering an opinion, it’s just that. If they had all the correct answers, why do so many not sell for the expected range,and not reach reserve? It is useful information overall, but it is what it is.