The hottest collector vehicles are still affordable vintage trucks


Different verse, same as the first. Well, same as the last verse anyway. That’s the refrain of the latest Hagerty Vehicle Rating—the thermometer to determine what collector cars are hot and which are chilling out.

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2 words. Clown Shoe.


Hagerty… Are you kidding?You want to classify Trucks and SUV in the same realm with Cobras, Corvettes, and 'Cudas. Cancel my insurance!


The 1999-2001 BMW E36/8 Z3M Coupe (AKA Clown Shoe) is an immensely satisfying driver’s car that opitimizes BMW’s claim as the Ultimate Driving Machine. IMHO the 1999-2000 with the S52 engine is highly undervalued at approximately half the cost of a comparable albeit more rare 2000-2001 model year car with the S54 engine. Become a dork and buy a pair of clown shoes today!!! You won’t be disappointed.


I will 3rd that vote… but also add that the '98 to '00 M roadster is a tremendous bargain and a rewarding drivers car. Think S2000 but with more torque. Nice examples in the 50,000 to 75,000 mile range can be had for under $15k. The premium money is being spent on the '01 and '02 models with the higher horsepower s54 motor…but as drivers go, give me the s52 all day long as it’s not as unwieldy and tail happy as the s54. These cars are only going to go up. Get 'em fairly cheap while you can. They check all the right boxes…


HA HA HA, they still have the Lincoln Town Car on their list, but took the Lincoln Mark VIII off of it, the last Lincoln Hot Rod. A luxury sports car. Good for me, I have 3 of them, so my insurance cost shouldn’t go up. Still can’t figure out why the TC is on the list.


you spelled that wrong: por sha


To Hagerty: You might want to make a distinction of which Chevy Blazer platform, the C/K5 or S/T10. From the years listed, I’m guessing you meant the C/K5. But, you have a S/T10 pictured.


Glad people are mentioning the Z3M roadster,I have a low mileage 01 with the S54 that i bought about 8 years ago when prices were going down. same engine as the M3 and half the weight…a real sleeper that should be mentioned on the list


Why no mention of the 1949-1959 Studebaker pickups ? They were the first to have double wall boxes and concealed running boards. They are nice in survivor/ stock restored condition, and make decent restomods if you find one needing an engine. Unlike the Ford/GM trucks of the era, the gas tank is not in the cab, but underneath between the frame rails. The Studebaker Driver’s Club and various forums can be quite helpful in locating parts, either NOS or used / repop
The later Lark bodied trucks are still pretty cheap, as well.


Yeah, the early S/T-10 Blazers were pretty miserable things, with that horribly underpowered 2.8 litre engine. They were somewhat better once they got throttle body fuel-injection in '86, but didn’t fully come into their own until the 4.3 litre was offered in '88. I’m sure the list refers to the full-sized, K-5 Blazer.


My friend bought a new '84 1st gen S10 pickup with the 2 liter for the sake of gas savings. I questioned the decision when the V6 had better torque numbers. Turned out the L4 had slightly better real world fuel mileage (1-2MPG) over the V6. Back then I owned a '76 K5 2WD with the 5 liter 2bbl, 3 spd with granny low, which got terrible gas mileage. I loved that truck, but wanted a S10 Blazer. When the 2nd gen was introduced I felt Chevy nailed the styling. Finally bought an '01 Extreme and traded it for a '10 Camaro. Turned out I cant do without a small truck, so I now own a '04 T10. I wish it were a K5 though. Hope Chevy will one day bring the badge back.


I agree…I have a ‘99’ Z3 M Roadster with 20, 100 miles and the beautiful red with black interior…it is sweetheart to drive…I am the 2nd owner and put a little over 1000 miles per year on her…the prior owner, a lady that kept it in her heated garage…not certain of the market value, but it isn’t important…