The Hyundai Sonata Smaht Pahk is friggin’ yoosless in Boston

Hyundai’s Super Bowl Smaht Pahk commercial got a lot of attention. Self-parking is an ingenious feature that would surely be helpful to many who have issues or frustrations parking their cars. However, in the case of Hyundai’s Remote Smart Parking Assist, the system will not solve your every parking woe. Remote Smart Parking Assist doesn’t allow the car to quite park itself; it simply allows the driver to move the car forward or reverse several feet. That’s it.

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Brilliant article.

I find many of the “great features” invented since the 90s to be mostly useless or not needed by me.

“Self-parking is an ingenious feature that would surely be helpful to many who have issues or frustrations parking their cars.”

I found this thought provoking and frightening at the same time. I would say if you have issues parking your vehicle, what qualification do you have moving a couple thousand pounds of steel down a public roadway where other drivers are present?

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“It is fair to say that systems like these won’t be impressive until a vehicle can parallel park itself into a spot with less than a foot of access between the other cars… on a hill.”

It’s called a human being, one who learned to drive when driving tests were actually challenging.

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I guess I’m just old school.
I had to complete a satisfactory parallel park manuever to get a drivers license.
Now people are not only scared to death of it, they have absolutely no clue how to perform it. Even more importantly, how someone else is supposed to perform it. When I stop in front of a parking spot with my signals on to show my intention, some clown pulls up right on my rear end so I can’t even perform the maneuver. Why in the world would I stop in the middle of a block with my signal on and my reverse lights on right in front of an open parking spot??? Idiots.
So now this new fangled straight park feature? Why???
If a parking spot is so tight that you can’t get out of the vehicle after you park it why on earth would you park there? You’re just asking for pretty significant door dings and scratches from the other clowns that are parked on each side of you. Guys who also have no clue how to park.

Same with backup cameras. I absolutely refuse to use them. I don’t own a vehicle that has them and have no intentions of doing so. I had to learn to back up a vehicle and even a trailer using mirrors.

If a person really has to rely on these useless options to drive, maybe they shouldn’t be driving.

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Did I just read an add from the chamber of commerce for Boston?
Smart parking assistance, lane change assistance, back up cameras, ABS & traction control are for the modern driver who can’t drive a stick shift, pump their brakes on ice or parallel park. I’ts all preparation for the driver-less car era.

@backfoot100 - sounds like you are old school.

these features are tools. tools that allow us to do things easier and better than without them. just because you don’t use them doesnt mean they are all bad. Backup cameras have made life easier for lots of folk. It’s cool you dont use them, but that doesnt make them the devil.

Found the owner of the vehicle with 100 door dings.

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I remember reading that legislating back up cameras added $1500 to the cost of cars. Maybe that was a good move, maybe not.

The problem with these tools is when they lead to complacency. Park assist and back up camera are low-speed things so death is less likely. The self-driving things it will be interesting math to see deaths prevented vs. deaths caused.

Back up cameras are one of the newer tools I don’t mind using… but if you back into your parking spot (you looked into the spot and used mirrors to see the lines and/or other parked cars) and/or face out the way you will be traveling next time you need the car you will find very few times it is needed. Change the habits, minimize the need for a tool at all.

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@backfoot100 - Cameras and other such systems are needed on modern vehicles because the visibility is so bad.

These tools may make things easier but I would definitely challenge being better.
Easier, more autonomous drivability leads to complacency. People think they can just let the car drive itself and watch their stupid phones. It makes not paying attention and respecting the limitations of the vehicle easier to ignore.
Just because I choose to not use a feature doesn’t mean I can just tune it out.
Try backing up a vehicle that has a backup camera after dark by trying to ignore it and still use your mirrors. That damn screen blinds me preventing me from performing the maneuver safely.
Turning off the screen is great until you throw it in reverse. It still comes back on automatically.
I always have to shake my head at the commercial about a guy joking with his infant daughter while he’s backing out of the driveway and the self-braking feature stops the vehicle in its tracks just before hitting a garbage can. His wife looks at him like " what the hell is wrong with you" and he just laughs about it like its a joke.
Lets just be completely ignorant of our surroundings in the name of technology.

No Thank You. I still prefer to have to actually pay attention to what I’m doing, knowing the limitations of my vehicle and my surroundings. Unfortunately, it keeps getting harder with people that aren’t doing that.

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Toyota prius had park assist 15 years ago, and can parallel and back in park accurately, but it requires driver to select reverse

Just add “and myself” to that list of things to know the limitations of and I agree with you. Some folks think they can do everything (with or without help), but that is not always the case.

Smartpark is a crutch that allows people bad at parking to not force themselves to get better or give up driving.

Agree 100%…our new Kia Soul has that damn camera and I refuse to use it but like you it comes on whether or not the screen is turned off - and I’ve found its COMPLETELY useless if it’s raining or snowing because the lens gets covered so you can’t see out of it if you did want to use it! No thanks to all of it…I can park, back up a trailer, and drive down the road just fine by myself without any assistance…and parking a car in a space like that in the commercial is gonna get you some damage…and more than likely intentionally…

Amen. I never get the cranky-old-man “let me do it my way!” complaints. Do these same people reject the dishwasher or microwave and insist on hand-washing or reheating over the stove? Do they have a furnace in their house or still haul in chopped wood to the fireplace?

I’m amazed people are still complaining about things like ABS. Show me one person who can match or beat ABS in braking even half of the time. Heck, even 10% of the time.

This “smaht pahk” might not be all that great, but that doesn’t mean all (or even most) advances in auto technology are bad. I don’t know, I haven’t tried it. Are we sure it can’t parallel park? My vehicle, a 2014 model from another brand (and not a luxury brand or model) can parallel park with the only input required from me is modulating the brake. I have used it only rarely, but it strikes me as odd that Hyundai couldn’t match that feature six years later.

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See Matches bus tour of Antebelums…nice. Go to the keys anyway. Do NOT drive through Houston on I40 period…damn dangerous. So cruise control works on long stretches. Pay big tolls in Oklahoma 1.40…ticket takers are fun to talk to. Do with once…then fly from then on. Avoid Houston…I already said that…thought Phoenix was bad but now I love PHX. Don.t have a schedule or you.'ll ruin your trip.
In New Orleans wallet goes in front pocket with your hand on it.
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We had fun…was very tiring…
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anybody else tried to read this in a boston accent?

One chooses to buy the microwave or dishwasher. If you don’t choose either you must have another way you prefer to do things.

Options sheets on modern vehicles in North America don’t really contain options [different story in Europe or so I have read] but rather 1-3 packages in 3-5 colours that mostly look like grey.

Why pay for an option you don’t want? Why pay for an option you may have to repair to keep the car happy that you don’t use? Don’t get me wrong, I like some of the features I just don’t like being forced to take everything --play around on a “build and price” site and you see some crazy things lumped in the same package. Worse is when you can’t shut the option you don’t want off (or have to disable it every time the car starts).

None of these features are free.

Okay…cute ad. I went to college in Boston. Let me tell you that only the lowest forms of life speak with that accent. Many Bostonians have heard a national news anchor and speak with a relatively neutral American accent…That pahk ya cah crap really only exists when poking fun at a time gone by…because that accent is wicked annoying!

So many of these technologies have come out of the space race over the years.
Unfortunately you just can’t apply every technology to modern day driving/parking unless you’re Captain Kirk Pulling out of the Spacedock or docking up to the International Space Station…