The Hyundai Veloster N is an absolute slam dunk


Albert Biermann takes a sip from his frothy pint, looking relaxed as can be. We’re chatting in the hotel bar, having a drink the evening before a cadre of journalists will drive the Veloster N the next day. I ask him to convince me why, if I owned a Volkswagen GTI, a Hyundai Veloster N would be the better choice.

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“The GTI is your dad’s car. The N is your car.”

While I have no doubt there will be a market among the young for the Veloster N, I think he’s wrong. The Golf R is your dad’s car. The GTI is still very much in demand in the younger crowd.


Interesting. Sounds like a really fun car and great bang for the buck.
It’s probably just generational, but like the Civic Type ‘R’ I’m not feelin’ the styling. I’ll have to show this article to my 27 year old son for his take on it…but looks would be the killer for me.