The Japanese Classic Car Show thrives, despite California’s car regulations


The irony of the annual Japanese Classic Car Show, or JCCS as the locals in Southern California call it, is that it celebrates exactly the kind of cars that the state government of California hates. It’s not that Sacramento has anything against the land of the rising sun or its eight native major automakers. Indeed, California is where most of these companies got their first hooks into America and where, until fairly recently, most of their U.S. subsidiaries based their headquarters. And this year’s JCCS, which drew around 600 cars onto an idyllic oceanside lawn in Long Beach just south of downtown LA, opened at 9:00 a.m. to a line of eager showgoers that stretched a long city block.

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I love these cars although I know nearly nothing about them. The thing that you mentioned, almost as an aside, in your article that really enthused me was the “ethnically diverse” crowd that this group is. When I was running my restoration parts store back in the 90’s, two ladies from the local “urban contemporary” radio station came in trying to get me to buy radio ad time so that I could “attract people from the black community”. I laughed and replied that “_Well, since we’re all “car-guys” FIRST, it usually doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, Asian, Hispanic, whatever… as long as you’re a car-guy we’re going to get along just fine! I have a lot of customers already from just about every race / ethnic / social / economic group, so… thanks for stopping by…!”".
We also had a cruise night at the local Hardee’s in a not-so-good part of town that was an amazing mixing pot for all ages, ethnic groups, economic levels. I loved the vibe and seeing Vipers and Corvettes parked next to Tuners and Donks. No, there were a LOT of cars & trucks there that I wouldn’t have owned if they were given to me, BUT there was also a lot of craftsmanship and care put into some of them! Another “We get along just FINE!” moment in time.
PS - I want to know more about the “Tokyo Dough Style” truck in back. Is this Engrish, or a real food truck…???


I don’t think it’s entirely accurate to say these cars with out of state plates are solely people from California, this show attracts people from around the country to bring their cars out to show.