The Joy of Owning a Mid-Rise Lift


After my lengthy and emotionally-draining three-part series on my dead Lotus Europa, something simple, useful, and, uh, uplifting is in order.

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Never mind the lift, tell me about that “Forbidden Planet” poster in the background! Love it!


I love the poster, too. What is the story on that?


What do you think of this QuickJack? https://www.quickjack.com/car-lift-systems/bl-5000slx-portable-car-lift.html I’m thinking of getting one because I have limited space and a low ceiling in my garage.


Last year I purchased a Dannmar mid lift twin post lift from Costco. It was $2000 delivered into my garage. It will lift up to 52" with provided spacer. I also purchased a 6" spacer for trucks. This is the single best purchase I made in 40 years of working in my garage. It only has two stops. One at maximum level and one at three feet. It is a steel bar inserted through the frame and is the safest stop you can have. On occasion, I will need the lift to be lower like when pulling a trany, in that case I put jack stands under the lift arm support. Anyone who does work on cars needing to be jacked up a few times a month should make the investment. It is well worth the savings on your body.


Look into EZcarlift,com. Roll under from all 4 sides.
Uses an electric drill to raise/lower.
I have used it for my E type Jag for a number of years.
Well made in California

Ron Walsh
Alberta, Canada


Make that Plus 1 for the EZCarlift.com - I’ll add to @ronwalsh55 comments:
EZ to store when not needed -take up very little room
EZ to transport to shows/track
Full under car access & 26” lift
Roll under from all 4 sides (worth mentioning twice)
4400 lbs capacity with no hydraulic lines/leaks
Many additional or optional uses (check the Web Site)

All very high quality materials, not cheap but very good value for your money/use.

Lifts my 240Z, M/B SLK and E350

Black Friday Sale - $1695.00



@russ - Looks interesting. I have seen many models with the same type of construction. Having no personal experience I can’t recommend it, but seems to have good reviews.


I have heard a good number of good reviews on the EZ Car Lift, as they seem to really cater to the Corvair community. Seems to be a quality product.


I bought a set of Quick Jacks with 2 friends, so about $750 each. They are magic! Lift the car about 2 feet; easy to set up and move between our garages, make tire changes a breeze, and while they don’t give as much work space as a true mid lift; way better than nothing.
Highly recommended.


Great article! Let me add here the Autolift3000. This one is awesome product as it is really light and it can lift up to 6600 lbs. Cool idea, interesting construction.
I am more then happy with it, doesn’t take any space and it is easy to work with.
They are from the Czech Republic, check the product here www.autoliftproduction.com/autolift3000.
And they sell on Amazon too: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CRRWGGP.


My two cents…this is mid rise Jack has served .e quite well over the last 5 years. Most versitile design and allows me to move it anywhere in the garage with ease…