The Land Rover Defender is coming back to America


The Land Rover Defender is almost more legend than reality, at least in the United States. The closest living relative to the original Land Rover was sold in the United States from 1993-97, along with a few grey-market imports before that. With its classic design and go-anywhere hardware the Defender, like the Mercedes-Benz G-wagen, is coveted both by serious adventurers and (more often the case) poseurs who want to project that same image. Due to its scarcity Defenders of all conditions command prices seem out of line with the spartan interior and agricultural level of driving refinement.

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Old school charm all the way! The best part of the Defender was how utilitarian it was. If the new defender looses its simply recipe it may be ruined. Like many the Defender seemed out of reach for me so I found a 93 Range Rover Classic instead, it has a 300TDi and a 5 speed. Its perfect!