The last Buick Wildcats are bargain muscle cruisers


Earlier this year, we mentioned that the collector car market had finally caught on to the boattail Buick Riviera. Today, we’re highlighting another big, bad Buick, but this time it’s one we feel is underrated, the 1969–70 Buick Wildcat.

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My early driving years were in my father’s 65 2 door Wildcat. 401, 4 bbl, 325 hp.Lots of late night high speed runs to get home on time! The first 2 door in long line of Buicks in the driveway. Mom liked the style but not the big heavy door.


I think part of the reason a lot of these don’t come to market is the low value. Better to keep a car thats worth more to me than someone else.


The 1968 wildcat was also quite hot. My mother had a burgundy convertible with white interior, 430 4 barell
that baby would turn heads and fly Wow.would it ever.


Why buy a wildcat when you can have more emenities and all the power in the Electra 225 2 door? There’s something special about the two door large platform cars of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Float like a dream. the highway driving experience is excellent.


Back in 1964 my father-in-law bought a new Wildcat Conv. Red with white top and interior with chrome wheels. What a car. I would keep in clean for him as he didn’t have the time. Saturdays was my day to take it out and see if I could find a Mustang that would toe the line with me. Still looking for that Mustang that could beat me from light to light. Great car that could really haul the mail.


Those were great cars. My older brother had a '65, with the “Wildcat 445” engine. That was a 325 horse 401 with 445 lb.ft. of torque. It ran really well. Interesting that the air cleaner said “Wildcat 445.” Marketing, I guess. As an aside, as far as I know, in spite of what the article says, there was never a mopar C body with a 426.


What a difference wheels and tires make. With the two cars shown in the article, the Wildcat coupe looks so muscular as you called them but the white convertible with whitewalls and hubcaps reminds me of a plain-Jane LeSabre.


I have a 1969 Buick Wildcat 2dr w/455 engine, new paint and new upholstery. If anyone is interested, please contact me at lfp39@msn.com. Louie


I got a 1963 Nailhead Wildcat for sale. White with the red interior. 4dr. 110,000 on it. Runs great and sounds awesome. It has that speedo cable whine when you take off though.


Love those Buick chrome wheels, indeed!


Mom (who could not drive) always wanted Dad to buy a Wildcat, ever since they first came out. One of her friends had a 1964 hardtop, and it was really sharp. Dad always bought Skylarks or LeSabres in the 1960’s, because he said the Wildcat was too long for his garage (my measurements in later years showed it would have fit, if only by a few inches).

I would still like to have a Wildcat, from any years except 1965/66 (never much cared for that body style). They had lots of power, without being as big as the Electra, and with better styling (to my eyes) to boot.


One of my good friends drove his dad’s 1964 Buick Wildcat with the 465 Wildcat engine and that car was beautiful and capable of laying massive long strips of rubber. It was quite a noticeable difference from my dad’s 1962 Buick Electra with the 445 engine.


I so enjoy summer time driving with the top down.


I have a '66 Wildcat GS, the guy I bought it from earlier this Year imported it to the UK himself from Oklahoma 6 Years ago.
I love it, such a cruising machine, much better than the '68 Plymouth Satellite that I replaced it with.


The 445 on the air cleaner relates to the torque figure, my 425ci has 465 on the air cleaner.


My girlfriend ( now my wife ) had a 1969 Wildcat, back in 1979, big boat that it was, but it ran like a scalded cat!
She was from a small town and was challenged to a drag race by a couple of guys from the neighboring town. She did race them and beat them so bad they just went back to their own town, I’m sure hanging their heads low and a secret vow not to tell any one!


i ave a 1970 bonneville b-body convertible…boy this looks familiar!


I have a 67 Wildcat convertible and a 66 Electra 225 convertible. I wouldn’t trade either for another type or model of car, both of these are fairly quick, luxurious and believe it or not, fun to drive. Both cars are restored, the Wildcat is more of a show car (it’s a lot quicker than the Electra, totally different engine platform) and the Electra (which gets better mileage for some reason) is my daily summer driver. They are highly undervalued and underrated; most people consider these an “old man’s car” until it leaves them in the dust. These big old boats are well built, last forever with proper maintenance, and yes, they look good and the designs are aging well. Having driven a comparable Chevy with a big block, I’d sooner have the Buick, it’s just as quick and handles far better.


“penalty coming from added curb weight as a result of the increased opulence.”
Certainly not from that plastic dashboard; I can hear it sqeak from here.