The McGee Roadster: Hot Rod Legend


The 1932 Ford roadster is widely considered to be the quintessential hot rod platform. Of the many ’32s turned out over the years, none is as important as the McGee Roadster, the trendsetting car that set the bar for hot rod style in period and remains an icon to this day. This documentary, produced by the Historic Vehicle Association, celebrates the McGee Roadster’s inclusion in the National Historic Vehicle Register and chronicles the rise of hot rodding culture in America. Featuring interviews with industry pioneers like Ed Iskendarian as well as rare period footage, this short film captures the magic of a truly special car from a bygone era.

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The McGee car certainly is a VERY beautiful roadster and worthy of special recognition.

I happen to think that the only other roadster that might be more important would be the Doan Spencer roadster that was the first Hot Rod to be recognized and invited to the Pebble Beach concourse. It also took a first place in the inaugural Hot Rod class at that event.


The best story ever, thanks.


Awesome video! It was extra special to me because I had the opportunity of meeting Ed at Bonneville in 2008 for World of Speed. It was my first time there, and on the morning of the second day at the hotel two guys (even older than me!) come in as we are paying. One was Ed (and if I am not mistaken), the other was Joe Lunati. I had a big solid roller Isky cam in my 62’ corvette prior, so Ed I remember for sure! They were both so cool and so down to earth!! When they introduced themselves, I was star struck! Then Ed asked me how it was yesterday (since I was wearing a Bonneville T shirt). To be asked that question by one of the Kings of Bonneville, was unbelievable! It was on my bucket list to let him know what a pleasure to meet him it was, and wrote to his old company, but never heard back. :frowning: If you read this Ed, It was a highlight of my life!!