The mid-engine Corvette is 60 years in the making


GM’s worst-kept secret is that the eighth generation Corvette will have a mid-engine layout, enabling design, performance, and engineering that will rival the best of Italy’s supercars. To tide you over until the C8 appears on the show circuit in 2019, here’s a capsule history of past mid-engine experiments.

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Somewhere in my pile of thousands of pieces of automotive memorabilia I have an automotive journal that has a model you can build of the proposed mid-engined Wankel Corvette. Always wanted to scale it up and build it for my grandchildren. With retirement in sight maybe I should get on it and beat GM to the punch.


In 1967 I was an engineering intern from the University of Michigan, working in the experimental garage at the Fisher Body Styling Studio, when an unmarked truck pulled in to unload an orange Lamborginni Miura. I had never seen anything like it. My job was to photograph the engine and trans axle before and after removal. The engine and transmission were to be used for a test mule for a mid-engine Corvette that was being considered at the time. I was never able to find out how far the project went.

Joe Rybicki
Highlands Ranch, CO.