The moment I almost crashed a one-of-a-kind Lamborghini at COTA

I was recently informed that 10 percent of Americans have a net worth of $1.2 million or more. If you’re in that #Blessed group, you could probably spare 10 percent of that to buy a driver-grade Lamborghini Gallardo, the same way I had no real issue spending 10 percent of my net worth recently on a driver-grade 2006 Mercury Milan with the rare but non-coveted five-speed manual transmission.

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Adam is a great guy and a talented driver. Learned a lot from him at CoTA over the years! You need to take him up on his offer.

Very enjoyable writing style, nice read. :slight_smile:

I’m delighted to have found Jack Baruth writing for Hagerty. His departure from Road & Track was a loss for them.

But I will decline his suggestion to buy a Lambo Gallardo. I once owned a guards red G50 911 and high school boys in Saturns would challenge me to race. Rusty pick up trucks would draft me on the back roads. Who needs that kind of attention? I now own a bronze E30, which is a blast to drive. And no one notices what a great car I have.

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Another wild ride. I was relieved when you didn’t crash.

Incidentally, a $1.2 million net worth is not that much if you include the house as part of that.

A writer I know told me he noticed the tires on the press demo 485 Italia appeared to be bog-standard P-Zeros but they had no DOT numbers :slight_smile: Those Italians and their “completely stock” demonstrators…