The Mustang Itch


It was 1982. I was 5 years old living in Bedford, Indiana. My mother had remarried and my stepfather had this awesome white 1969 Boss 429. I remember one night my mom took my two stepbrothers and me out for a drive around town. At one of the few stoplights in town, a couple of guys pulled next to us in a Plymouth Road Runner and asked my mom if she wanted to race to the next light. Four blocks later, the tires were still smoking and the guys finally caught up to us. The early morning call came in from my grandfather because the police log recorded two incidents of a speeding white Mustang that couldn’t be caught. Although I’m not sure that my mom ever confessed to him that it was her, my grandfather knew who was stirring up trouble. At this point my obsession with Mustangs – especially ’69 Boss 429 Mustangs – had begun.

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