The mystery of the Ghia 450/SS, a Barracuda-based Italian beauty


Jim MacDougald went looking for a “rare and interesting” car to drive in the 2014 Mountain Mille, a 1000-mile tour through North Carolina and Tennessee that included the famous Tail of the Dragon. To borrow a phrase that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once used to describe Russia, what MacDougald found was a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. He would spend the next two years doing a lot of unraveling.

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I had the pleasure of pulling one of these (4047) out of the South Carolina hills. Unfortunately, the PO had totally neglected it, left it to rot outside (37 years since last registered). We recovered all but the windshield and bumpers, but the body was pretty far gone. The paint had been sanded off, so a lot of surface rust, and of course floor pan rust. Luckily the metal convertible top cover was well preserved in a shed, so we got to see the light metallic blue original paint that it had. We pulled it out and brought it to Florida where we assessed it. I decided it was just too far gone for me to take on (I SO wanted to!) although I knew I could do the work, it was just out of my budget to do it justice. I contacted Wayne Carini and he turned me on to a gentleman from New York who flew down the next day to write me a check for it. Still waiting to see and hear about its progress. Maybe the owner will see this and reply.


I have #3037…I just love these cars also…I purchased mine from the original owner who was an Israeli General. It was his pride and joy.
I drive my car regularly to work and all over. It was fully restored a few years ago when I purchased it. Its not an easy car to restore by any means. But once its done what a plesure to drive. Even the wife drives it…