The new Corvette ZR1 scrapes the limits of front-engine, rear-drive


Just when we thought the raucous Z06 was the last word in front-engine, rear-drive performance, it seems Chevrolet has one last ace in the hole. The hallowed ZR1 is back, baby.

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Wow, finally a confirmation on the rear engine Vette! I cannot wait to see what this monster will look like. I can only imagine how this beast will move. I have a custom 1941 Ford with a rear mounted super charged Buick V6 and it is spectacular in performance and handling. With all the horsepower that the new Vette will produce and the weight distribution, I will be laying my cash on the Corvette against any gasoline powered vehicle on the market.
Can we say a “rocket ship on wheels”? I just hope that the price increase will not be out of range for possible future owners. With that said, I am wondering if GM will still offer a front engine model as well for those of us who cannot afford to upgrade to the rear engine model?


Awesome…maybe this will drive down the price of the C7 Z06 to something within my reach! :sunglasses:


@j.rybar20 - I have the same thought, but I was hoping for a C6 Z06 personally. Maybe I wont have to wait as long.


I am looking forward to the arrival of a mid engined Corvette. The design will be beautiful. Look at Ferrari or the Ford GT a mid engine design allows for more flowing lines and balance. I still love the front engined vettes. I have owned a pristine early 63 Coupe for 27 years and sold a 2007 Z06 last year that I enjoyed driving for 5 years.