The nitty gritty details of our Dodge Demon Redline Rebuild


In the latest Redline Rebuild, a menacing, 840-hp Dodge Demon honored us with a visit to the Hagerty garage. Now, for the behind-the-scenes, black-magic details on how the build came together, watch here. You can watch Davin assemble the beast in just five minutes, but if you want the behind-the-scenes details, Ben and Davin are here to talk about how it all came together.

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Very cool video for a 69 year old who hasn’t rebuilt an engine for about 40 years. Frequently I see videos like this that are filled with BS about how engines work. From what I saw and heard, Davin knew his stuff. Thanks for the HD video so we could actually see what they were talking about. Also fun to watch the burnouts at the end, but that video seemed more fuzzy.

I’ve gotta find out how to rent one of these, maybe after I find a place to go play with it.