The old-school Christmas wish list for your car-obsessed loved ones


The impending demise of Sears weighs heavy on those who remember when the giant Sears Wishbook served as a roadmap to the future of motoring enthusiasm. There was nothing like peering into the Christmas catalog for the latest automotive creations from the brain trusts at Aurora, COX, and similar companies that had tapped into the real automotive and motorsports worlds.

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My great uncle, my grandfather’s brother, worked at Cox in southern California…

To this day, I have still in the box, the Yellow Chevy or Ford Van model. What I wouldn’t give to have either a dune buggy or a vw bug like that… I think there was, a green one, at one point in time that was a VW bug, or maybe blue, but I don’t know whatever become of it.

I thought about painting it up like the A Team van, but I’ve kept it all these years without doing anything to it, so I probably won’t do that.



Thank you. Just when Christmas is starting to get really boring and everything my kids want starts with an “i”… sigh.


My experiences with static line aircraft lasted minutes after initial takeoff. After one or two rotations the plane would perform, seemingly on its own, a very slight “up and down” maneuver. This maneuver would be amplified about two times each rotation until, on about the fifth “lap” the plane would go into a totally vertical climb followed by a death dive into the ground. Life expectancy? About two minutes after takeoff!


Christmas Day in the 60’s…I got a Cox army Jeep and my best friend got the Cox sand blaster. Just because there was snow outside (and it was cold) , did not deter us from firing up those .049 engines. We both burned multiple tanks of fuel in those awesome toys that day. Good times !!!


Mini-bikes, drag bikes and HO raceways, Oh My! The stuff boyhood dreams were made of, but never under our tree. Too poor I guess but important life lessons learned. The reward for hard work is more hard work! Priceless! Is it any wonder I have several of each today. Ferraris, etc., have come and gone but that Schwinn Krate is a keeper!


That was true, too poor . Mostly clothes and a few toys ! That why today I can afford and buy what I want. I’m 61 and now I understand retired people building their model railroad or remote control planes and cars . Keeping young !


Still have, in the box my AFX Riverside Raceway set with “Magna-Sonic” car sounds that I got in 1978. You’ve just inspired me to go down, dig it out and set it up!
Think I can wrangle my wife into a race this afternoon?
Good memories.


What memories, I had at lease 3 or 4 slot cars from the Cheetah to Indy style with the orange marshmallow tires . We even tried to attach our model car bodies to the frames but didn’t have alot of success . We had a little tackel box with the cox controler and cars to take to the tracks and race .I also had 1 of the orange dune buggy I remember how hard it was to start pulling on that little recoil . I got my brothers hand me down Huffy stingray 5 speed bike . Aways wanted a mini bike but my dad was against them so we geared up the old riding lawnmower untill a neighbor had a wrecked Austin American that he was going to junk .So we knocked out the rest of the windows and beat the sheet metal away from the tires and used it as our field car . We lived out in the boonies of Chicago so there was plenty of spots to get in trouble . Its all about the memories .