The one-and-only 1100-hp eCOPO Camaro could be yours

Want to own a 1100-horsepower electric Camaro capable of making a 9-second pass down a quarter-mile dragstrip? You’ll get a chance to bid on the only one in existence at this week’s Russo and Steele’s Monterey auction.

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Absolutely Shocking! Capturing lightening in a bottle! The crowd will be electric…and so forth.

I’ll show myself out…

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@kcturbodug - Oh come on, you’ve got more than three of those revolting puns in your system!

Exactly, you get us all charged up and then pull the plug. Seems disconnected in any capacity. There will be Positive & Negative comments, touching issues will cause sparks to fly.

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That’s a 32 kWh battery pack. A 32 kW pack would not perform very well…

I bored myself in that amount of time…lol