The original Ford Mustang had an unsung hero that started the stampede


Proving that these are indeed bizarre times in the Motor City, Ford recently announced plans to end production of nearly all the traditional cars it sells in the U. S. That soft rustling sound you hear is Henry Ford, the father of mobility for the masses, spinning in his grave.

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Between the Mustang prototype in 62 and the rollout in 64 was the 63 Cougar concept car. In my opinion, that car was one of the most beautiful cars Ford ever built and could have taken on the Corvette. Too bad they only ever made one.


Yes, agreed. I have a couple of the model cars of the Cougar prototype and it is indeed a beautiful car. I have also seen the car itself at the Cougar Nationals at Ford World Headquarters last year. Stunning.


Ford as a company was at the top of it’s game in the early 60’s. The GT40, the Mustang, Mercury’s Cougar, and the venerable F-100 and later F-150 all being tweaked, marketed, and built. Still today these vehicles are incredible.


I remember the Mustang I. I also seem to remember photo ops with Dan Gurney driving it. Last Summer I went to the Henry Ford Musuem. I was excited by the museum. But it was inspiring to see Mustang I in person. A great flash from the past.Thanks for the article.


Growing up and already driving after the so-called oil embargo…every car company now that is still around tried their best in the mid 70’s to keep America rolling with the gas sippers they were producing…but somehow that wasn’t exciting enough…When Ford dropped a 4 barrel carb’d V8 into the Fox body Mustang it started the muscle car image all over…I remember I cringed when they said gasoline would go over a dollar a gallon and we’d be waiting in lines or on our odd and even days to fill up…OH what a lie…now you can get fuel anywhere, any time and as much as you want with 5 different blends to pick from…and an even bigger MUSCLE CAR war is going on now…My 89 GT couldn’t match the power of the new GT not even the Turbo 4 the Mustang comes with, but its where the ball started rolling some 30 odd years ago…