The Pontiac chase in The Seven-Ups is real as it gets


In the early 1960s, New York police officer Sonny Grosso and partner Eddie Egan investigated a massive international drug smuggling ring, and in a 1962 bust they recovered more than 100 pounds of heroin. The case inspired Robin Moore’s nonfiction book The French Connection, which was adapted by William Friedkin into the Oscar-winning classic film of the same name in 1971. But this wasn’t the only Sonny Grosso story worth telling.

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this indeed is a great chase scene, but the soundtrack for the Ventura is mostly dubbed, likely from McQueen’s’ Mustang in Bullet. i suppose most movie goers didn’t notice, but to all of you on this forum, you get it.


Same driver as in Bullitt-Black Pontiac, Black Charger. Bad guys wear/drive Black!:joy: