The Pontiac Fiero may be affordable forever

Um, GM didn’t kill the Fiero because they couldn’t compete against the MR2. That’s a nice thought, but, incorrect. I won’t go into the details here, and I am so tired of having to provide the FACTUAL answers to people who just regurgitate what they hear, instead of actually doing their own homework. But, for those who are really interested, do some digging. Pontiac killed the Fiero because of a whining GM engineer working on the Corvette at the time. That’s the only hint I will provide.
I’m just another car guy…retired from the industry.

My brother-in-law believes that Bigfoot exists. He never misses an opportunity to present a diatribe in support of his belief. I always listened and would finally say ‘You’re nuts’. When two guys in Georgia claimed to have found one (and presented photographs) my bro-in-law gloated. Would not stop telling me how wrong I was. ‘You were always uniformed’, he said. A couple of days later the claims and photos were found to be a hoax. The pictures were of a wet gorilla suit in a big ice chest. When I forwarded the article to my bro-in-law he responded with one word. ‘Dickhead!’ So I have been called ‘dickhead’ before.

I started all this by simply stating that Fieros should have been equipped with fire suppression. It was ‘la langue dans la joue’.

I remember first reading about Fiero fires in AutoWeek when the recall went out. AutoWeek was far more unforgiving than me.

So you have called me wrong, uninformed, a dickhead and even brought politics into our conversation by, in no uncertain terms, disparaging the President of the United States. Oh, and then you called me a ‘friend’.

So, again, I apologize. GM obviously did NOT recall over 200,000 Fieros for reasons of fire.

You should hang with my brother-in-law.

Again Mike, you don’t let go easily !

Look, I find arguing on this topic useless and somewhat childish. You’ll stand your ground, I certainly will too.

-You despise the Fiero. I love mine. Score: 0=0

  • You like cars, I love cars. Score :0=0
  • You like Potus 45 for your reasons, I despise Potus 45 for my own. Score 0=0
  • You have a stupid bro-in-law. I do have my utmost moronic bro-in-law. Score: 0=0

Final score: 0=0 again.
I propose then to end all this as we both are right !!

Plus, it’s now Saturday morning, it’s early - at last - spring. Have tons to do. I guess you have too.
So, I honestly wish you a good day, my “not friend” !!


Wow. You want people to research? But don’t do your own? Fieros had a fire problem. All were recalled as of date of manufacture. More than 220,000 were recalled. Way more than 260 burned. No one knows how many as there was no requirement to report. Mine burned. I got 1800 bucks from my State Farm guy. That’s all it was worth.

‘A piece of tin’ fixed the Pontiac Fiero fire problem? Wow. GM at work!

I made an offhand comment to Mike last week about the Fiero and now look at how out control things have gotten. People just stop! No one is right, no one is wrong, we all love our cars so just stop the hate.

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I’m not sure what to say. Do you want me to say I give up? I have fought my whole life but now I’m tired of fighting, I’m done.

Yes, like on any other car or brand. Have a look underneat your own lump, you’ll see some around the cat, muffler, around the engine, everywhere heat shielding is needed.
Why don’t you just admit that you hate this nice car !?

Me too. I surrender.

I have had Fieros since 1990 and really enjoy driving them. The real mystery to me is why Pontiac did not move forward with a convertible. I own one of the conversions performed by Conversion Concepts in 1987 and it is not only beautiful but a real joy to drive. The manual top is easy to put up and down and does not sit like a lump on the decklid when down. Too bad GM missed another opportunity.

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image The ‘80s was my decade having graduated HS and college in ‘84 and ‘88. A year and a half ago at age 51.5, I realized I’d never owned a sports car and decided to treat myself after 30+ years of work, 22 years of marriage and counting and raising kids. But what to get? I wanted something from the ‘80s and an American car but not a mustang, camaro, firebird nor corvette (all great choices but ubiquitous). I saw a YouTube video about an owner displaying his 88 Fiero GT in blaze red. It was beautiful and as I’d always liked the Fiero’s looks, decided that was the ‘80s car for me. Shortly thereafter I came across an ‘88 GT automatic also in blaze red which had been covered and garaged for 30 years with 1,800 original miles. Asking price was $17k and I bought it for $15k for essentially the same cost new 30 years ago, but in real dollar terms was more akin to half-price.

I could not have been happier. It’s a great car, and handles beautifully and securely at 100+ mph. It’s in pristine stock condition and whenever I take her out I see multiple thumbs up and it’s fun to see younger folk ~35 years old or younger looking at it approvingly and intensely trying to figure out what it is.

Subsequently I acquired a 2006 Pontiac Solstice Roadster convertible with 5,000 miles, also in immaculate condition and very recently a 2008 Corvette convertible with 28,000 miles. I enjoy both of them and the horsepower of the Vette is a real treat - no doubt both will continue to grow on me in the years to come but for the sheer pleasure of driving in a unique, fun, quick and great handling vehicle that each time feels like I’m entering my own private 1980s time machine, I truly enjoy driving the Fiero the most. It’s a great car and in my humble opinion, it’s simply a fun, unique and singular driving experience.

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Gorgeous! I’ve never seen one as a convertible and realize a convertible trim was never offered by Pontiac (lord knows, they should have). Whoever did yours looks did a nice job. Certainly unique and one-of-a-kind. If ever decide to sell, please let me know! Beautiful. Enjoy!

My car was converted by Conversion Concepts in Ft Lauderdale Florida. At the time they were in the business of building convertibles on various platforms for sale as new cars as well as converting cars customers brought in. Most of the Fiero conversions were 4 cyl cars like mine as the cost of the conversion added 6-7k to the cost of the Fiero. Somewhat less than 300 Fiero were converted by Conversion Concepts although the exact number is lost to history since they have been out of business for decades. They come up for sale from time to time and are fairly affordable.


I’m in agreement and actually have to wonder about the values of all classic cars over the next 20 - 30 years. Kind of a triple whammy in progress and on the horizon. Younger generations, those that but cars, will gravitate toward better performing retro vehicles and progressively make the move from fossil to electric for economy and environmental reasons. And then there’s the AI wave that is about to hit, that in conjunction with neighborhood Uber, etc AI implants that will service Boomers and younger for different reasons, dramatically reducing the population of cars on the road in the not to distant future. I purchased a 88 GT with ~2800 miles, from my Dad for $14K about ten years ago, as an investment. It was at less than 3200 miles when listed in Hemmings a year ago for $16K - I didn’t receive one call. It’s a great looking car but I’ve become a bit too gimpy to be comfortable driving a standard otherwise it would become a regular driver, considering it’s essentially a new vehicle. Too bad there’s not a company that specializes in conversion of Fieros to electric.

Be careful what you wish for… there is a firm that does this for classic VW beetles… they aren’t cheap…

I would be fairly certain from my old prius days I remember seeing at least 1 fiero that had been converted to ev

Always liked them alot but will never forget the wanted classifieds in the Stars and Stripes while I was in Germany in the 80’s looking for engines because guys were blowing them up while on the autobahn!

After I said it l looked. Numerous companies that do conversions (non mentioned Fieros). Two that I inquired with didn’t respond. Base price of 1 was $11K + for heat and AC.

Having loved these cars when they first debuted (I was 14 in 1984 and a good friend of our family bought the first loaded 84 2M4 SE in town), of course one day I would own one. I tried in 1988 when I was 18 but the price of entry was just too high for a teenaged kid working part-time at Arby’s… the white GT 5-speed that I test drove though was wonderful.

I ended up in a tired Dodge Dart instead which led me down an amazing path of muscular Mopars over the past 30 years but the Fiero always held a special place in my heart. So two weeks ago I bought a very clean 88 GT 5-speed with a rebuilt engine to live alongside my 70 Dart Swinger in my garage. What a great little car!

I’m extremely happy that there are still fun “classic” cars out there that have eluded the collector car market and remain affordable for working class people like myself. Get on board!


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