The Porsche America Roadster that started it all


I first encountered Rev. Ronald Roland's America Roadster at the Concours d'Elegance of America, where it was part of a fabulous display of historic Porsche race cars. In my opinion, it stole the show. Roland, an automotive restoration expert in the Metro Detroit area, has owned this Porsche America Roadster, serial number 10465, since 1975. He has researched the marque and the model extensively and he is certain that his car was the second built and the exact machine that achieved Porsche's first overall race win.

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I have photographs taken by my father Marshall Green of either this car or one identical to it. It was numbered 19. The photos were likely taken in 1951. My father was a good friend of Briggs Cunningham during that era. My father ordered coupe number 11560 from Ferry, which was delivered to him in the late spring of 1952. Contact me for a copy of the photos or look on quantumrun356.com. They might be there? Regards, Eric Green


I found a photo of number 77 with my father’s girlfriend of the time standing next to it. Her name was Pinky. Thanks, Eric Green.


The very early photo of number 77 shows the same exact car except the bumper openings are incorrect on the restored car. Also the 77 is written incorrectly. It is sporting its racing windshield.

In examining all the photos, car numbered 19 has slight differences as in the headlights buckets do not attach on threes but in two, one screw over the other. There is also a review mirror. The owner is very clearly shown more that once and also while racing. Art least I assume it is the current owner. I bet my friend Jim Sitz would know.


Yes, it was a brilliant addition to the 70-years of Porsche display at Concours d’Elegance of America. Thanks for the explanation about the mismatched numbers on the hood and doors.