The price of originality is steep… but is it worth it?


My cars are drivers, not hangar/trailer queens. To me, cars are way too expensive and take up way too much space to not actually drive and enjoy them.

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Thank you for the great information. My twin sons own 2 tii’s, one is #27. They are careful to find the right parts. They are currently restoring Tucker 1044 and they are going to great pains to source and research every detail.


Never mind the car police. Those people drive me nuts. Updating or modernizing an old car can make them more reliable and safer also. If you’re just in it for the resale value then by all means get the unaltered original, but if you want to drive it and enjoy it then by all means take advantage of some newer technology and have at it. As long as you don’t hack it up, most will never know the difference.


fanstastic…please post some foto"s…