The public parking lot at Goodwood Revival will shame your Cars and Coffee


If there’s a single event that should be at the top of every gearhead’s bucket list, it’s the Goodwood Revival. The sprawling vintage-themed event takes over a huge swath of beautiful Sussex, England, sending the entire area back in time to pre-1966—right down to the outfits of each attendee (that means you).

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That was our experience at the Revival in 2012. My favorite photo of the parking lot is a silver 1958 Buick Limited with a continental kit extension parked next to a European car that reached only to the rear of the door. We spent more than an hour cruising the lot. Anywhere else in the world, the parking lot would have been one of the great car shows.
We intend to get back and next time spend all three days at Goodwood. Next time, I’ll wear miniature military service medals like the British veterans do.


The Mustang “station wagon” just plain didn’t get it right. A shame, it could have been classic.
Glad to know that my 1970 MGBGT3 with a

1992 stock 5.0 conversion is 1.7 seconds faster 0-60 than the original V8.