The rare Italian steering wheel I never wish to sell

I drive an Autobianchi A112. By now, my ’85 oddball packs a built Abarth engine with a bigger Weber, plus a lowered suspension with sticky Yokohamas, just to make sure I can keep up with modern traffic. However, right when I first hopped into its less-focused version seven years ago, it was clear that such a noisy troublemaker deserved a decent steering wheel in place of the factory polyurethane affair. Franky, even when bone-stock, most pre-airbag cars do. Once swapped, your hands and eyes will equally appreciate the upgrade.

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I have a couple of Personal wheels myself. I have a 4 spoke model similar to yours that I used in my 1980 BMW. When I sold it, I put the stock wheel back on and kept this one for the next vintage BMW I buy. I also have a Personal Super Squalo 3 spoke wheel in my BMW 2002. I removed a Prototipo for it. It’s not even leather wrapped, but I hadn’t ever seen one, so I made the switch.

Hi! Glad to hear from other four-spoke Personal users out there. I’m genuinely surprised there’s not a single one for sale on eBay. The Super Squalo is a great choice, feels perfect for a 2002.

Given that the steering wheel is the ultimate interface between car and driver, I have always enjoyed the enhanced experience of aftermarket wheels on my cars of the 80’s.
Have had a few Personal, many Italvolanti, Atiwe and a MOMO here and there. Currently have 3 iconic Atiwe Indianapolis’ models on a 911, M3 and Audi UrQ.

I had that exact steering wheel in my 1972 911. Before it was in that car it was in my 1967 912. My wife bought it for me along with a 4 tip Ansa exhaust system. I sold the 911 and the steering wheel with it.
One of the biggest regrets of my life! I loved that steering wheel. I replaced that with a Le Carra wheel on my Mercedes. It was nice but not quite the feel of my Momo.

The 4 spoke wheels are nice, but I am a lifelong fan of Nardi’s traditional thin-rim wooden 3 spoke, especially since you’ll never see anything close to that on any modern car.

There are lots of fat-rimmed Nardi knockoffs out there, but the delicate rim of my favorite is hard to come by these days.

I first acquired mine as a replacement to the OEM leather-rimmed wheel on my 1972 Ferrari 365GTC/4. Upon sale, the buyer wanted the original leather wheel, and I was most happy to reclaim that Nardi. It then served well on a 1970 BMW 3.0CS Coupe, and when that sold, I found it was the perfect accompaniment to my classic Mini Cooper (pictured below). Wonder how many more cars this beauty will find a reborn life?

I definitely plan on taking this wheel to my grave!

Sorry to hear. Yet as a fellow fan, do you have idea how old this design may be? I have no idea, but as I wrote, my guess would be that it was made in the seventies or eighties.

For all the right reasons.

I got it in the mid ‘70’s

My hot-rod '78 FIAT128 bit the dust many years ago, but I pulled the Personal steering wheel out of it before it went away. I made an adapter to install it in my TR-6 in 1993, and it still a neat little highlight for the Triumph.

The steering wheel as you state is the direct link between the driver and the car. I seems everyone knows Momo and LeCarra brands, the Personal brand is a new one to me and the background on other is very interesting. My own favorite is the Ferrero steering in the DeTomaso Mangusta. Thanks. Great article1969_DeTomaso_Mangusta_Interior_1

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