The real reason why the C8 mid-engine Corvette is delayed


Like everything else GM does, it’s going to be low quality and unimpressive.


John & Cal333, I also am a 75 y/o retired plastics tool engineer and have owned all the Convertible Vettes up to a 2006 - C6 which was wonderful. I’m only 5’11" tall with a bit of a bad back, but my C6 allowed me to recline the driver’s seatback ~10 degrees, and allowed me to splay my right leg outward ~15 degrees while driving. When I sat in the C7 they ended up making the car too small in the cockpit. If I moved the seat all the way back it fit my legs, but the seat couldn’t recline. If I reclined the seat, I couldn’t move it back far enough. In stead of a new C7 I went back to an MB SL550 Every German car I’ve sat in allows tons of seat travel so the big 6’4" guys and their 5’1" wives can both comfortably drive the car. Why the hell Corvette can’t understand this is beyond me. I am hoping this C8 addresses this problem and I’ll buy one. 500 hp is plenty as the only place I could use my 430 hp C6 was west Texas twice a year to visit the relatives.


I’m sure it’ll be a fine car. Call it what you will though, mid engine is not Corvette. They should continue to sell a front engine Corvette along side this whatchamacallit.


Everyone has an opinion and there not wrong, Just their opinion, that said love the c6 look over the c7 this c8 looks hideous, face it we all want the looks not someone walking up and saying that’s ugly


Guys, just to be specific the transmission is a Dual Clutch not an automatic. There is no torque convertor and the trans will be in the next gear before you release the paddle. Certainly not a traditional diver involvement with no clutch pedal / shift lever but if you are into the visceral sounds and feel of micro second shifts then it is a treat to drive a car that shifts like a motorcycle.


While it is a sharp looking car, it’s overall design leaves it looking like anything but a “Vette”. It’s going to take a while for it to “grow” on me as well as a bunch of Corvette buddies of mine. Also serious computer glitches and frame twist, which probably split the rear hatch glass, are going to set this car back. My advice to all thinking about acquiring one…WAIT!! Buy a 2021 version…let them work out the bugs!


Yesterday’s news was of a towed-away C8 test mule from a service station in Detroit. i believe GM’s first mid-engine car set some sort of record, as every one produced was recalled, twice, due to engine fires. i received a “secret” ten-year warranty on my 2017 C7 gas tank, not issued until 2018, due to fuel spillage and cracking gas tanks. no recall, guess GM hopes the gas hot water heater in the garage will light the spark that covers the replacement of the car under the owner’s homeowner insurance vice them eating the warranty costs for a 13 hour replacement job for the leaky gas tank. i paid a 3rd party to provide a “V4” eliminator in my C7, to preserve the tranny and torque tube from shaking themselves to death. last time GM authorized dealers to just cut a wire in the northstar V8-6-4 engine to eliminate the same self destruction tendency of v4 mode in old cadillacs. GM can’t figure out why Camaros aren’t selling well, well, i guess GM execs never tried to see out of them. And here comes a new cookie, the C8, from the same Camaro visibility cookie cutter, only this one has but two seats, no rear window and no trunk. Even if every private race track in the us allowed my convertible sports car to run without a roll bar, it is getting very hard to get a slot in the oversubscibed “track days” that clubs, organizations and other event promoters offer joe ordinary and his sports car. but after everybody rides in a mid-engine car and agrees it is more agile, ya still got to live with only 1 space available, the passenger seat for stuff or spouse, but not both. i had my ya-yas in a mid-engined 1974 Fiat X1/9 when it was new, nice but not nice enough to ignore the impracticality of it. Unless i was Arthur, and arrived at the track i rented for myself in a chauffeur- driven '30s Rolls, to meet my garage guys bringing my real race car on a transporter. Don’t you wish you were Arthur? me? no. I would have had my guys unload a 62 Ferrari 250 GTO to go fast, not a 924! But since i don’t have Arthur’s money, or the time needed to spend in a Chevy dealer repair shop waiting room, i say enjoy! to all the new prospective C8 owners. been there done that, for far less money.

Hmn, most expensive used car in the world, the Ferrari 250 GTO - Front engine. The car Enzo Ferrari said was the most beautiful car in the world, the Jaguar front engined XKE. Might not win any prizes, but the C7 vert - front engined, looks ai-ight to me.


The GT got it right ? $500,000 for something less than capable than a 121,000 ZR 1
I have a 2015 C7 Z51. It’s loaded up really well. It’s 3.7 0-60 mph, sub 12 second , rocket ship capable of 185 mph plus , that is INCREDIBLE on a track or roadway. its very comfortable with a great ride in touring mode gets 34 mpg and turns heads faster than Linda Lovelace, all for under $75.000, What could you possibly be expecting to come along a $58,000 Ford GT???
I guess opinions are like butt holes and elbows


hank, try this 1/3 the price of a GT


As I said I’ve tried to get into Vettes at a fractional cost for a mid engine car i could possibly afford. The sticker of the GT is around 500 k yes. It’s the demand and what the dealers can mark up and get.
Both cars are mid ship powered surpercar ish offerings. I wish for Ford offered something at a lower cost but it is what it is.
Again the Government bailed out Chevrolet blew it. Busted back windows over complicates CAN bus systems, and back to the drawing board mistakes send them into a delay tailspin. This is obviously turned into a Ford vs Chevy debate which will never end.
While my collection is Ford dominated I do like some GM offerings of muscle cars worthy of taking up my square footage.
One can’t deny pedigree and history like Shelby and the AC then finishing the job with the GT pounding Enzo on his own turf. That’s America at its best my friends.