The revolutionary Big Oly Ford Bronco is the king of off-road race trucks


Parnelli Jones had long established his name as a sprint car, NASCAR, and Indy car driver before he ventured into off-road driving. Perhaps it was his early experience drifting sprint cars around dirt ovals, or perhaps it was just his natural talent, which was honed to a competitive edge in all forms of racing he excelled at since. But Jones took to desert racing like a true natural. His excursion back to the dirt led to one of the most well-known off-road racing trucks ever built: the Big Oly Bronco.

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WOW! Just yesterday, I watched the original “Gone In 60 Seconds”, H.B. “Tony” Halicki’s ode to the longest and most destructive car chase ever! Parnelli Joneses’ Big Oly Bronco was one of the vehicles that was stolen to fill an order for special cars. Interestingly though, Halicki’s character in the movie was responsible for the theft AND he was also the insurance agent tasked with the recovery… :slight_smile:


The original Gone in 60 Seconds is soooo much better than the newer one. That crash into the pole wasn’t planned, and while he was hospitalized for a while after (which halted production), they left it in.


Excellent article! Some of the details quoted look familiar :).


OH WOW ! My all-time favorite off road vehicle and race car
paint job


Great story and great photo. I never was a fan of Olympia Beer (liked Rainier better), but I sure liked the Big Oly Bronco and have always been a fan of Parnelli Jones. Thanks for the story.