The rise and fall of the Lingenfelter and Callaway Corvettes


The world has gotten quite cozy with the concept of the Chevrolet Corvette-as-supercar. After nearly 15 years of all-aluminum—then supercharged—Z06 models leading to the impossibly powerful blown Corvette ZR1, Chevrolet's flagship can make a legitimate claim in standing toe-to-toe with some of the world's mightiest, and most capable exotics.

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Reeves Callaway tells a story that he received a phone call that every aftermarket supplier wants to get: from Chevrolet engineering. Seems they had brought one of his Alfa Romeo GTV-6 Twin Turbos to their test track and it was blowing the doors off their best Corvettes. Callaway had engineered the twin turbo kit for the GTV-6 at the invitation of Alfa of North America, and in a path seen later with the Corvette, a finished Twin Turbo vehicle was sold through the Alfa dealer network, with the standard factory warrantee. Most impressive to Alfa Romeo was that the kit did not defeat the then-current emission systems on the car, and would pass EPA muster. Guess boost did not spin up into play on the emission test cycle of day! As the owner of one of those GTV-6’s, I am envious of the Corvettes still being treated to “support” by Callaway. After ~35 deliveries of the GTV-6 TT, they were deep into doing the Corvette kit and sold off all of the specialized pieces still in stock.


What about Greenwood corvettes or maybe I’m off topic?


I think they fall in a similar category along with the other offerings like Hennessey.


First, Thank You for the reply. I’m just trying to build knowledge of these cars. As there is not a lot available. I did not find that Hennessy built cars from the ground up but I maybe mistaken. As I have passion for the older cars and Hennessy started around 1991 a little new for my taste. Greenwood made around 15 customers cars ( race cars ) those are the ones that peak my interest.
Again Thank You


I love this whole post!
I have a 1991 Greenwood, loaded, with factory 3.07 gear…
Also a 1993 original Lingenfelter Built, LT1 383, full car package…Always a great pair at the shows! Donald Wilsarion on Facebook for many pics of my cool cars. And more! Friend request me on fb if you cant access my photos…im in the club​:wink::+1: