The SCCA RaceTruck Challenge was pole position mayhem


Long before Stadium Super Trucks entered the global racing consciousness, and in a time predating even NASCAR's involvement in pickup racing, the Sports Car Club of America unveiled perhaps the most unusual professional class in its long and storied history. It was a tightly-contested battle between the least likely of competitors: high-riding four-cylinder trucks not all that different from what you could drive home right off the showroom floor.

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I think SCCA could re introduced this into the vintage classes (if only there were enough original race trucks ever made.)
I sometimes miss my $60 87 B2200 I had in college. I would find another and take it to the track! That would be a ton of fun and I could only carry a 1/4 of it home.


They also ran on a road course set up in Texas State Fairgrounds in Dallas. They ran along with a Trans Am race in maybe 88.

The Saleen Sport Trucks he sold through Ford dealers were V6 automatics. I saw a raft of them at a Houston Ford dealer. I think Saleen lost their shirt on them. Several years later he did a V8 Explorer.

I think NASCAR or SCCA should try a SUv class…