The secret Pennsylvania workshop where McLaren F1s get service

Of the 106 F1 supercars that McLaren built between 1994–96, none were officially sold to U.S. customers. However, now there are more than 20 of the legendary machines on American soil, one of them famously in the collection of Jay Leno. Many came stateside after the F1 was included in the “show or display” exemption on vehicle importing became law in 1999.

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As a guest of “Area F1”, I can tell you first hand that this is hallowed ground. Kevin is one of the best technicians I know and the staff is very professional. There are no “joy rides” as this is serious business working on what may be the best sports car of our time.

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Does Snap-On make Whitworth sockets and wrenches?

But what about body work? If you crash the car does it have to go to a different secret location for repairs?

Never heard of a CJ joint before, did the author mean to say CV?

@geok86 - Sharp eye! We got it corrected.

Actually the CJ joint was rolled and toked in or about certain Mustangs.

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Leno’s garage has a video of them doing the engine out service also one of removing the fuel cell (it may be the same video, it’s been years since I watched it). I’m off to YouTube to check it out again :blush: