The Shelby GR-1 concept Ford never built is coming from Superformance


Southern-California-based Superformance, the company known for its Shelby Cobra, Daytona Coupe, and Corvette Grand Sport replicas, is bringing the mid-2000s Ford Shelby GR-1 concept to limited production with hopes to build 200 of the aluminum-bodied coupes. Carbon-fiber bodies to follow. Car and Driver broke the news earlier this week.

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Not a bad design but not thrilling either and I’m sure for the price you can find something more interesting.


Great looking car. Definitely needs a 700+ hp V8 engine. If it was cheap enough I’d buy one.


If Had the opportunity to get something like that more in the Vette price range, I’d want one for sure. I really like that, retro 60-70’s GT car touch in the rear blending into a updated aggressive looking front end treatment. Really Sharp IMHO !!

I think it’s a really nice looking car that would sell like hotcakes if they could do a production version. I’d be willing to bet it would even out sell the Mustang ,at least give it a run for it’s money production # wise.

As long as they don’t have the same issues the newer Mustangs have with there motors and transmissions puking! But Hey ,Ford ,says it all . Not a Ford fan boy.


What price are you referring to?


The large spoiler of the Daytona Coupes is iconic and should be repeated here, in a much smaller scale across the rear top plane, to tie the car together visually.


With the prospect of GM finally bringing Zora Arkus Dontovs dream of a mid engine corvette to reality , Mopar pushing the envelope farther every year - Demon , hellcat , even the one thousand HP crate engine . Ford themselves with the coyote engine and all of the cat in the hat Jack Roushe tweaks , not to mention mr. Saleen knocking at the door. You also can’t overlook factory five racing .my point is huge dollar cars that don’t have the pedigree of the big europium names are for the well heeled , but the performance can be had at a fraction of the cost .


The price they will undoubtedly charge which is always astronomical and I’m sure in the range of either a nice well cared for first gen Ford GT or a new Aston Martin or maybe a new Supra or take your pick.


The profile is more reminiscent of a Cheetah that the original Daytona coupe, IMO.