The sketch that launched the Mustang

Hey peter1 I think that protruding grill was common on a lot of cars I’m thinking particularly of a 1959 Ferrari 250GT my neighbor had I used to see everyday when I lived in Argentina
PS are you the same Peter Pleitner I went to Watkins Glen with back in 70 or so??

Wow! Guilty.
Greg? Ford Pilot plant? Cougar? What a blast from the past, 1970!
Now like from a different planet, on the day of the first Earth Day, also in 1970.
Cheers, Peter

yep Blue 69 Cougar with 390 4v I forgot about the pilot plant connection
Yes life is weird my neighbor around the corner I found is the brother of somebody I worked with at ford like 45 years ago
Greg Lomas

RBFORDYW… My wife and I are with you. W e met at a friends party. Her in her '65 white 6 cyl coupe an I in my '65 dark green 298 cid 2+2. we are coming up on 50 years. Loved our '65s and love our 2006 retro.

Please connect via my website. Reviewing the past 50 years with you would be interesting. For example I’m still in Ann Arbor, half mile from my freshman dorm.
Cheers, Peter
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