The stunning new De Tomaso P72 checks all the boxes

There are a lot of good cars out there. Cars that make you smile when you see them, make your heart skip a beat when you drive them down a twisty mountain road in the morning sun, or make you turn your head when you hear the sound of their engine.

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Shaplier than Sophia Loren!


OMG! I often fawn over one car design or another, but the P72 is truly exceptional. Perhaps it has something to do with those of us of a certain age who recall the Ferrari P3/4, but I feel this may be the most beautiful sports car I have ever seen. If the NSX looked like this, Acura would have a five year waiting list rather than offering tens of thousands in discounts.

If the article hadn’t mentioned the designer was Jowyn Wong, I would have assumed this was Pininfarina. It’s clear he studied the best of their designs and learned to incorporate what makes a beautiful car transcend time and changing tastes of current trends. What a masterpiece.

Looks a heck of a lot like the Glickenhaus Ferrari P4/5 to me.

Alright…T-TOPS ARE BACK!!!

Awesome design. Right hand steering would be hard for me to get used to, but I won’t have to worry about buying one.

Yes, but the whining of the designers sounds like sour grapes to me. After all design for homage is nothing but refinement anyway. . As for the two, the P72 is a much sexier iteration.

Bravo! What a beautiful design!
Reminds me when I was young and saw my first Ferrari P333 at Luigi Chinetti motors


No angry food processor design mashups here!

It’s also 14 years newer.

Well you take a 33 sradale.Take off the little triangle grill.Bigger engine.bigger intake’holes’.Here you have it.