The Subaru SVX is the weird futuristic car we didn’t appreciate enough


Somewhere between the recent surge of all-wheel drive crossovers and the marketing genius of dog-focused commercials, Subaru has been on an absolute sales tear in the last decade. There’s nothing particularly special about the Outback, Forester, and Crosstrek, either. In fact, it’d be fairly easy (if it wasn’t for such an absolute windfall of profit) to criticize Subaru for playing it too safe, especially in the design department. But Subaru’s caution comes from a very expensive lesson in the early 1990s—it was called the SVX.

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I have 1997 Subaru SVX its the last year a little over 600 was made. I feel the car was over looked and was not given the full overview it deserved. My car is fast and has added turbo and is well balanced tires to me it does well in any weather and road condition.


I’ve got a 97 too. How hard was the turbo to add? how many PSI boost?


My mom had one that was Black with Gray interior. At the time, we called it the Darth Vadermobile and it was one of the best handling cars I’ve ever driven. That car “flew” on the highway, and felt like it was glued to the road, even when the road was wet! We kept that car for 10 years, Ma trading it in for a Volvo S60 AWD sedan in 2003. LOL The only annoying thing about the car was the “automatic” seatbelt that brought the shoulder strap part across you shoulder & chest when you opened and closed the door.