The sweet cars of Stranger Things Season 3

We can never get back the past quite the way it was, and the new season of Stranger Things takes that idea to entirely new levels. An Eldorado scrambles ahead of a slimy, tooth-stuffed monster capable of climbing shopping malls, and Skittle-colored Beetles freckle the small-town background that hides a giant underground Russian laser. That explodes. Frequently.

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A 1972 Mercedes-Benz 350SL would not have had 5-mph impact bumpers.

Small nitpick, the Wheeler family wagon wasn’t a Country Squire, it was it’s Mercury twin, the Colony Park. The taillights being the only real difference between the two. It’s also not quite period correct. Having a third brake light and the port injected 5.0 makes it an 87-90 model.

That is Mercedes SL, not an SLC, the SLC was the hardtop variant and it is most definitely a late model version as well.

Also, this season takes place in 1984, I audibly cringed when the '88 Colony Park popped it’s hood. They’re so good at immersing everything else so things like that stick out like a sore thumb.

There’s also an 86 T/A parked next to the Karmann Ghia too (how is that possible in 1984?).

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Well, I have decided to quit watching it since the cars are not period correct. Not that I have even turned it on, much less my TV. But a man has to stand his ground.

What about the K car in the mall that saved the day?

My mom had a 1980 baby blue Ford Pinto. Bought it new and lasted till late 80’s when my brother crashed it on the interstate with me in it.

The 88-91 Fords and Mercs had the softer, rounded front nose. This car has the angular, pointed turn signals and the rectangular grill so it would put it as either an 86-87. Without the glaring oversite of the third brake light, its still pretty hard to tell a 80-87 model aside from a few changes in trim. 88-91 had a whole new interior dash with airbags.

Good catch on the 5.0! I laughed when they took the coil wire from the K-car and “fixed” the Merc. Two completely different distributor cap styles. But who would even know that besides us car geeks.

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Don’t forget in Season two at that main building there was a Gold 65 Mustang and a green 72 Cutlass convertible in the parking lot a few times.

There’s also a sweet 65 Ranchero in Season 3, lurking around the pool and seen in the Ferris Wheel shots at carnival.

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Thanks for including the picture of my 1974 VW Karmann Ghia from which I am exiting. I watched the show but somehow missed that scene. Now I have to go find it. Yes you are correct… in season 2 it was parked at the government lab where I was a lab tech. In season 3, I have given up on evil and just drive my Ghia to malls and carnivals.