The throwout bearing costs $2800... The front bumper? Don’t ask

In my humble opinion, in the end the car is only as good as it’s story or the memories you make in it. which makes this car very valuable,but only to Tarnage. When he is an old man sitting around on his porch widdling sticks and trying to chew some poor kids ear off about a movie he doesn’t know and a car he doesn’t know, he will tell his story, and just for a moment his old eyes will light up. And that is worth a LOT. Good luck!

I’d love to see some photos and maybe a video of the final project. This was a great story! I really enjoyed the way it was presented.

Freddy – I loved the story! You have way more risk-propensity than I could ever have or hope for :-))
Any chance of some pics of the final product? This is an amazing car, something I wouldn’t ever be able to even get close to so seeing it through your eyes is the next best thing.
btw – any personal experience with how fast it goes?

Am I the only one not buying this story, as told? Hard to believe any “car guy” YouTube personality wouldn’t do a little project research and see this coming…

I guess buying the disaster Lamborghini and making a 25%-50% profit off parting the car out over Ebay wouldn’t make for exciting videos, but it would make more sense.

I had a FIAT many years ago…Loved it…convertible…but that was my lesson on Italian cars…I have enough issues with my Chevys…but at least parts prices are reasonable…BUY AMERICAN… LOL…(or Japanese…)…