The time is right to buy a 1953–56 Ford F-Series

The Ford F-Series pickup has been America’s best-selling truck since 1977. That is well over half the lifespan of the model, which started in 1948. And with values for the 1953-56 Ford trucks slowly rising, this might be the time to get in on the ground floor.

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No doubt, this, like the Model T, was light years ahead of all other pickups and welcomed in a new era of “modern” pickups.

The ultimate of these trucks is the 1956 with the big back window. Although price guides probably don’t indicate so, expect to pay a good bit more for one of them. Also, in my humble opinion, these trucks only look good when modified and lowered. These have been a platform for hot rodders almost since they were new.

Make mine a '56 big back window, lowered a bunch in black with flames!

I’d keep mine in stock appearance and at most update running gear. I’d rather have a driver quality example that I could use some, maybe as the tow vehicle to bring some other trailer queen to the car shows. :slight_smile:

When was there a wrong time to buy a 1953-56 Ford F-Series? I agree with 32deuce that the '56 is the ultimate. Lowering is the single most important change to improve the appearance. Running boards 8 inches off the ground can be done without frame modifications. A big back window looks great in a modified truck, but not so important in a stock truck. So many of these trucks have been modified and customized that “stock” is becoming the new custom. Mine is a '56 custom cab, stock fully loaded cab and box except the big back window, including a side mount spare, body off restoration in the original color, meadow mist green. Power is the original 272 cid Y block with a Paxton supercharger and enhanced intake and exhaust.

You and 32Deuce are spot-on. These have been popular and modified since new…and always had a following. I remember tuck n rolled, Chrome reversed '56’s from my childhood in the late '50’s.
Big window '56’s are the ultimate. While the rest of the 50’s truck world were…trucks, the '53-56 were “in”. Note that the '57 and later Fords didn’t enjoy this trend.
They have been pricey as long as I can remember.

I am a sucker for the split windshield and love the " car front end " . Give me a '40 or '41 any day.

I have a 51 that we have done a frame off and upgraded running gear to 302 mustang GT, bored and stroked .30 over, sounds and runs good. Body and frame all metal. Bed is off other 51 and done in wood slats. Tailgate is new. Interior is all new but looks retro. Gets lots of comments and just getting it in some local shows. Really like the hounds tooth grill look.

1956 FORD F-100 PICKUP - 230749|150x100

Lot 361.1 - 1956 FORD F-100 PICKUP

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This restored 1956 Ford F-100 pickup has a 272 ci V8 engine with a 3-speed manual transmission. It sports steel wheels with hubcaps and whitewall tires, and a wood bed floor. It has 59,749 original miles (title reads mileage exempt).

Well I was thinking of selling my project 56 F100 gasser. Now I am having second thoughts. I’ve owned it for about 17 years and it is stored away in one of my garages. I might have to revisit that project.

I have a 56 Ford big window truck in my field I’d like to see it go to somebody that could restore it I also have the Y8 motor for it I’m not sure of the value