The top 5 motorcycles at Bonhams’ den Hartogh Collection Auction


Most motorcycle enthusiasts would consider 50 two-wheelers to be the pinnacle of ownership. But in the Piet den Hartogh Collection and Museum in Hillegom, Netherlands, just outside of Amsterdam, the sizeable motorcycle collection is an afterthought. Bonhams will auction off the bikes on June 23, a footnote to the real show stoppers—200 immaculately restored Fords, thought to make up the world’s largest single collection of Ford automobiles, which will also cross the block that day.

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The 1936 Ariel 600cc Square Four 4F/6 (Lot 13) sold for €17,250 ($19,980) including premium, which fell within the range of the $16,000–$21,000 estimate.
The 1988 Tula TMZ 200cc (Lot 38) sold for €920 ($1065) including premium, well below the $2300–$4600 estimate.
The 1950 Sarolea 350cc AS (Lot 24) sold for €1955 ($2264) including premium, well below the $4500–$5800 estimate.
The 1928 BMW 482cc R52 (Lot 4) sold for €31,050 ($35,965) including premium, significantly higher than the $13,000–$19,000 estimate.
The 1943 Harley-Davidson 750cc WLA (Lot 1) sold for €18,400 ($21,312) including premium, considerably higher than the $10,000–$14,000 estimate.


BMW and Harley folks always seem to be willing to pay premium money for their brand of choice. The Sarolea seems like a steal, basically a pre-war motorcycle, nice little vintage cruiser, accepted at most every show, Well bought as they say.